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How to Respond to Attack and Criticism

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How to Respond to Attack and Criticism

Hi there. Here is the thing. If you live in this world, if you have got a pulse, then you are being judged, attacked and criticized by other people. I dare to say that there is not one single person living in this world today who is not being judged, attacked and criticized by others. Here is why.

We are all Divine because we all have a Divine Creator. We are all totally equal because we all come from the same Source. Love. Oneness. Bliss. God. Source. Call it whatever you want.

Now, the problem is that – as unbelievable as it sounds – we all have somehow forgotten about our Divinity. And instead of identifying with oneness and love and bliss, we identify with separation and fear and pain.

So basically, pretty much every one, to one degree or another, is feeling pretty miserable. I mean if you cut yourself off from your eternal divinity – not in reality, but in your thinking – and reduce yourself – again, not in reality but in your thinking – to an aging, mortal, separate body, then you need not be surprised if you end up feeling miserable. Feeling miserable is just another word for being afraid. Fear is just another word for separation. Love is just another word for oneness. If you cut yourself off from Source and one another, you will end up living in fear.

And only fearful people attack. People who know who they are, people who know that they are Divine and that everyone else is equally Divine, and that our worth and Divinity can neither be increased by our successes nor decreased by our mistakes, people who live in love and oneness, don’t attack.

Only people who live in fear attack and judge and criticize. They cut themselves off from the Source of their self-worth and therefore, quelle surprise, they lack self-worth. And so, now they have to lash out and attack someone, by this way – not reality but in their thinking – reducing the worth of the person they attack. So the only way they can feel good about themselves – for a second or two because obviously it does not last, is by reducing the worth of others by attacking their worth. By this way they move from feeling inferior to feeling superior. If you are caught up in inferiority, you are automatically also caught up in superiority – they go hand in hand. People who feel superior really feel inferior, and people who feel inferior have to attack others in order to feel superior again. So it is an endless flipping back and forth between feeling better than everyone else and feeling worse than everyone else. When in truth you are Divine, I am divine, we are all equally divine. But when you cut yourself off from the source of your divine endless worth and value, you can’t see that.
So anyway, attack is always, 100% of the time, a call for love. Attack is always a call for love.

And the only appropriate response to a call for love is what? Love! Not attacking back. If someone attacks you and you attack back, which is how most conversations on Earth work, then the conversation that is really going on here is this: I want love! No, I want love. No, I want to love. Did I not just tell you, I want love!

An attack is always a call for love. Basically everyone living in this world lives in fear because we all have cut ourselves off – again, not in reality, but in our thinking – we have cut ourselves off from our Source which is LOVE. And what everyone in the world really wants, whether they realize it or not, is love. We all long for our natural state which is love. Makes total sense, does it not?

So, next time someone judges, attacks and criticizes you – and I promise you that this next time will come, because, as Elbert Hubbard said, „To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing“ – don’t take it personally. They are just projecting their own fear onto you. It has nothing to do with you. All they are really saying is, „Help me. I am afraid.“

And if someone asks for your help, do you really want to give them attack? Again, if you attack back, you are just saying, „Yeah, I need help too because I am also afraid.“

So, the only proper response to attack is love. Let’s stop attacking each other. Let’s start loving each other.
Think about it. Thank you. I hope I could be of service to you today. Have a great day. Bye bye.

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