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Life is like an echo

Life is like an echo

Life is like an echo. The call we send out returns to us.

We carelessly say, „I am sick, I am broke, I am lonely“ without realizing that our alleged powerless words are anything but weak and powerless. The moment we send out a call, the moment we say „I am sick, I am weak, I am broke,“ we are setting into motion a current of magnetic force that goes out into the world to magnetically attract and return to us thoughts, people and conditions in harmony with the dominant note of our word and thought.

That’s the reason why the words we speak are in reality the heralds of our circumstances. And that’s the reason why we should never speak the word of lack, sickness, hardship or limitation, and why we should only speak that which we desire to see made manifest in our lives.

What calls have you sent out into the world today? How deliberate are you with the use of your words? How aware are you of the power of your spoken words?

Spend a day monitoring every word you say.

Start thinking of yourself as a sending and receiving station. You are perpetually sending out thoughts, desires, words and actions, and your circumstances are the echo of what you are sending out.

ACTION STEP: Spend a day monitoring every word you say. Start thinking of yourself as a sending and receiving station, and try for a full day to send out only that which you truly want to receive as well.

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Gloria Excelsias
Gloria Excelsias is the President of the I AM University, an educational platform with focus on Spiritual and psychological development, that was established by the late Dr Joshua David Stone and handed over to her care in 2005, at Dr Stone’s passing. As Dr Stone’s personal assistant, close friend and protégé, she received ongoing personal training in applied transpersonal psychology and integrated ascension which would prepare her consciousness for her later service work as the University’s President. Having moved the I AM University from California to Salzburg, Austria, her native country, she is now passionately dedicated to running and evolving the I AM University as an inspired writer and coach, placing thematic priority on Spiritual psychology, intuitive philosophy and the overall unfoldment of human consciousness.

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