Each and everyone of us is an electromagnetic sending and receiving station. Every moment in life we are emanating myriads of frequencies while at the same time we are being hit, on a moment-to-moment basis, by countless impressions from the world around us.

Which of these impressions we tune into is up to us.

We magnetically attract such thought waves from the mental atmosphere around us which correspond in character with the kind and nature of the prevailing thoughts in our own mind.

In other words: When it comes to our thoughts, like attracts like.

If we spend all day in (and thus radiate) fear and worry, we will magnetically attract into our electromagnetic sphere more and more things to fear and worry about. That’s why, „When it rains, it pours.“ Yet, if we spend all day in joy and love, that’s what we radiate and that’s what we’ll attract.

And this is why, if we want to be joyous and happy, the best thing we can do is just to be joyous, happy and grateful, no matter what may be going on around us. Even if a „million things“ seem to go wrong (due to our „old thinking“), just focus on the ones that go right and be joyously grateful for them (in this way starting your nucleus of „new thinking“).

It is all about generating the frequencies of joy and gratitude. It is all about getting into alignment with that which we want. And one way by which we accomplish this is to find something, howsoever small, to be grateful for. The moment we feel gratitude in our heart, we radiate gratitude. By perpetually focusing on things to be grateful for, by perpetually radiating joy and gratitude, unhappy things will soon begin to give us a wide berth. Why? Because waves of happiness literally repel and reject waves of unhappiness, and vice versa. This is the law.

The way out of unhappy circumstances, relationships and problems is to raise the frequencies of our thinking, feeling, speaking and acting life.

ACTION STEP: What are you habitually attracting into your life? Start thinking of your thoughts as magnets that attract their own. For the next 24 hours, think only (!) positive, uplifting thoughts. When a negative thought pops up, immediately replace it with a joyous thought. Repeat for 21 consecutive days.

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