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Raising your vibration: 30-Day-Challenge

//Raising your vibration: 30-Day-Challenge

Raising your vibration: 30-Day-Challenge

I would like to invite you to participate in a 30-Day-Challenge to raise your frequency. To raise our frequency literally means to lift our life into a higher dimension.

Practice these seven ideas with iron discipline (!) for 30 days and you will be a new person.

Don’t believe it? Try it and see for yourself 🙂






Rise early and decide to get up the moment you are awake. This is a wonderful Spiritual discipline to start the day and master the day. When we stay in bed, half-waking and half-sleeping, we allow the body – the matter aspect – to master the consciousness inhabiting the body – the Soul aspect. However, when we rise the moment we are awake, the Soul inhabiting the body takes charge of its instrument, and this is how it should be. Rising the moment we are awake is the first victory of the day. We are setting the tone for a victorious day.



Take a moment and pray sincerely for the awakening of humanity and visualize all of humanity living together in peace and harmony. Prayer purifies the heart and facilitates concentration. We are aligning with the Divine. Daily alignment with the Divine is essential to advance on the Spiritual path and to avoid the trap of getting side-tracked. Prayer unites us with the Divine.

When we sincerely (!) pray for the awakening of humanity and picture all (!) of humanity (regardless of faith, sex, etc.) living together in peace and harmony, we are creating thought forms of enlightenment and release them into the etheric network of humanity where they magnetically link up with like thought forms. In other words: we are joining forces with all Souls serving the Light. We are creating a grid of light and enlightenment. Through daily rhythmic prayer we feed the grid and strengthen and maintain it with our energy. We are building a tangible energy structure around the world for the upliftment of the world.

As we radiate thoughts of peace, oneness and enlightenment, we set up vibrations that have a tendency to reproduce themselves. When we radiate thoughts of peace and enlightenment around the world and flood the world (collectively) with these vibrations, they eventually hit other mental bodies and will trigger a similar vibration in them. In other words: We induce others to also start thinking about oneness, peace and joy.

It has been said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Why? Because a passive mind does not think for itself – it waits for outside thoughts to impinge on it and set it into vibration. And so, thoughts come and go and we sometimes wonder why we are thinking what we are thinking. The truth is: We are not thinking at all. We let others do the thinking for us because we are too lazy to take charge of our mind.

When we radiate thoughts of peace and joy and happiness, we are radiating real, tangible, electromagnetic forces, and as these forces impinge on other mental bodies, they do stir up a tangible vibration in these other bodies, impelling them to like thought. In this way the good vibrations we generate are multiplied and amplified all around the world. Therefore: Let’s pray for the awakening of humanity and visualize all of humanity living together in peace and joy, knowing that our good prayers are real, tangible forces initiating real, tangible results.



Our mental body is composed of matter of several degrees of density (depending on our evolution). Every thought we think produces correlated vibrations in the matter of our mental body (and emotional body if tinged with desire, which most of our thoughts are). Low-level thoughts set up a vibration in the low-frequency matter whereas lofty thoughts set up a vibration in the high-frequency matter. In other words: our overall frequency rises and/or falls with EVERY SINGLE (!) thought we think. Every thought has its particular vibration. And this vibration then radiates from us in all directions, touching other minds.

We are literally a sending and receiving station.

Now, it should be obvious that it is essential for our Spiritual growth and for our capacity to serve effectively that we  should learn to control our thinking. Part of what that entails is never permitting any vain or stray thought to occupy our mind – to the best of our ability. As a matter of fact, it is essential that we deny any vain or stray thought to enter our mind and that we permit only thoughts of things divine.

Thoughts occupy space. When we litter our mental body with unnecessary, unimportant and stray thoughts, there is no room for high and lofty thinking. We cannot think high thoughts with a disorganized, low-level mental body because lofty thoughts need lofty matter to express themselves adequately. So, we need to raise our overall mental frequency. An excellent way to do this is to hold the mind steady in the light and to contemplate the idea of divine love and perfection at all times. This is how we sublimate our mental vehicle and expand it in size.

So, instead of allowing vain thoughts to occupy our mind, let’s make it a point to ONLY contemplate love, light, peace, abundance, service, perfection, evolution and the awakening of humanity, etc. Vain thoughts distract our attention and waste our energy. So do evil (fear-based/separative) ones.

Some of us have learned the importance of being vigilant against fear-based/separative thoughts, however, we have a tendency not to bother at all about the stray thoughts that occupy our mind. Always remember that thoughts are tangible forces: powerful, real and alive. Thoughts, setting in motion waves of force, produce consequences. Vague and scattered thoughts are vague and scattered forces. Clear and focused thoughts are clear and focused forces. All forces produce effects.

We are unceasingly generating thought forms. As such, we are each surrounded by a multitude of thought forms that we continually create by our habitual thinking. And through these „glasses“ we then look at the world.

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