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The Faulty Theory that Negative Emotions Exhaust themselves through Expression

//The Faulty Theory that Negative Emotions Exhaust themselves through Expression

The Faulty Theory that Negative Emotions Exhaust themselves through Expression

There is a common teaching anent the emotions that is very prevalent in our world today. Here it is: When we let our emotions out they exhaust themselves. So the idea is that when we are angry and we let our anger out by expressing it, it exhausts itself. When we are frustrated and we give vent to our fury or frustration, then the emotion of frustration exhausts itself. When I hate someone and express my hate in words, it exhausts itself. This is the idea, however, it is a false idea.

Emotions do not exhaust themselves when we let them out and express them. The fear, the anger, the jealousy, the frustration, the hate that‘s inside of us will never go away by expressing it. On the contrary. When you express your fears and worries and frustrations, they grow. Why? Remember, we live in a world of energies and forces. Emotions are forces. When we express our emotions, we release forces. As Albert Einstein said, „Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.“ So when we have anger inside of us and we release the anger by expressing it, the force of anger is still anger. When we have frustration inside of us and express the frustration, the force of frustration has still the same frequency. It does not lessen through expression or disappear into thin air. Why? Because energy cannot be destroyed! So all you do when you express your anger, your hatred, your jealousy is polluting your own force field, your aura, in which you then have to live. This is why expressing your anger and hatred etc. only makes things worse. You are polluting your self-created atmosphere and create a force field around you that literally turns into a prison.

So if we want to be free of fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, fury, frustration and all the many negative emotions we have, we have to transmute them, not express them in their negative state. Energy cannot be destroyed, however, it can be transmuted. And so the conclusion is that the way out of our emotional misery is NOT the uncontrolled expression of our negative emotions but their controlled transmutation.

To transmute negative emotional energy means to recycle the energy by giving it a new direction. For example, when you have anger inside of you, the idea is to take the destructive force of anger and channel it into something constructive that brings you joy. In this way the force of anger is actually transmuted into joy. When you transmute anger into joy, the anger is gone. You are free. However, if you express your anger, the force of anger is still the same. It is still anger, and you are not free because the force of anger will still be present in your aura. Your aura is your self-created atmosphere that you create with with every thought you think, with every emotion you express, with every desire you carry inside of you, with every word you speak and every action you take. We all live and breathe and have our being in our self-created atmosphere. It is our responsibility to keep our house clean – not just for our own well-being and health, but for the peace on Earth.

So when you are angry, for example, take the force of anger and channel it into a creative project that brings you joy. Go paint something or dance AND – and that‘s the important point – paint or dance with JOY!

Don‘t let your anger out by painting an angry picture. Transmute the anger by painting a joyful picture. Don‘t let the anger out by dancing to dark music. Transmute the anger by dancing to uplifting, angelic music! This is how you sublimate the energy. Emotions are currents of energy that need to be expressed and must NOT be inhibited, however, they need to be expressed in a healthy way.

So, YES, our negative emotions need to get out of the system, they have to come to the surface, there has to be some outlet for our emotions, however, the healthy way to express negative emotions is to first transmute them into a higher frequency and then express that higher frequency.

We all have negative emotions at times, however, think about it. Did it ever serve you to let them out? Did your negative emotions ever go away by expressing them? Did expressing your negative emotions ever bring peace and love in your relationships and inner life? If you are honest with yourself, the answer is: no. Expressing our negative emotions does not make them go away. The only way to make our negative emotions go away is to transmute them into love and joy. Try it out over the next seven days. Your heart will well up with joy because you will finally know the secret to emotional mastery and control.

PLEASE NOTE: The subject of emotions is a huge, complex topic. This short article here only shows one of many ways how to deal with our emotions. It does not reflect the full picture.

If you would like to learn how to get on top of your emotions, you may be interested in Dr Joshua David Stone’s Training Course 7: How to Develop and Refine your Consciousness and Transcend the Negative Ego/ Fear-based/ Separative/ Dualistic/ Illusionary/ Lower-Self Mind and Emotions

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