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The first step towards a new life: Accept your current circumstances

//The first step towards a new life: Accept your current circumstances

The first step towards a new life: Accept your current circumstances

If we are to take charge of our life, we first need to accept our current circumstances and realize that we ourselves created them. There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. All of life is governed by laws. What is true of the physical plane (i.e.: laws of physics, chemistry, maths …) is also true of the higher planes. Just because we are not aware of these higher laws does not mean that they do not exist. They are in operation – and always have been, whether we realize it or not.

One such law is the law of repulsion and attraction. Basically, every chemical reaction, every chemical compound on Earth is a demonstration of this law in action.

However, this law also applies to the higher dimensions as well. As such, our predominant thoughts, emotions, desires, words and actions have brought us to where we are today because they act as magnets that magnetically attract to us that which we radiate while at the same time repelling all that which is not in harmony with our radiation.

In other words: We all carry an electromagnetic field around us, and the quality and frequency of this force field around us is determined by the very thoughts we think, the emotions we choose, the words we speak and the actions we take. With every single loving and uplifting thought, emotion, word and deed we raise our frequency. With every single separative, fear-based thought we lower our frequency. We are like a broadcasting station, constantly broadcasting our thoughts, emotions, desires out into the world, and the world around us then moulds itself accordingly.

As such, our outer circumstances just reveal to us what is going on inside of us. That is also why it is futile trying to fight our outer circumstances because the outer circumstances are just an effect – and it is futile fighting an effect. The cause lies within – in our thinking, feeling and desiring. So this is where we need to focus.

If we want our outer world to change, we first have to change our inner world. In other words: We have to take charge of our thoughts, emotions, desires, words and deeds and deliberately radiate ONLY that which we wish to experience in our life. Thoughts of lack will never bring us abundance just like thoughts of illness will never make us healthy. We need to vibrate abundance, love and joy if we wish to attract abundance, love and joy into our life.

Again, all of life is governed by laws – and it is important to understand that these laws of the divine are absolutely just. As such, we all get in life what we justly earn. No more and no less.

So before we can change our life, we need to take responsibility for where we are right now and realize that we are exactly where our predominant thoughts, emotions, desires, words and actions have taken us. We are at the right place at the right time. We are exactly where we are right now because this is where we want to be (even if we think we don’t).

With this understanding in mind, here is the good news: The second (!) we start changing our thoughts, emotions, desires, words and deeds – from fear to love, from worry to hope, from despair to joy, from involution (densification) to evolution (sublimation) – we change our vibration and raise our frequency, and so the moment (!) we raise our thoughts, emotions, desires, words and deeds, our outer world begins to adapt accordingly. The moment we change our inner life, our outer life will begin to shift. Why? Because we cannot grow within and stand still without.

A new life begins with a new thought, with a word of confidence, with a moment of gratitude in our heart. We will always remain where we are unless we change our thinking, feeling and acting life. However, we will never be the same again if we begin today (!) to think lofty thoughts, to fill our heart with the spirit of gratitude and to speak words of kindness and greatness.

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