As we get serious about mastering our mind, it is important to realize that the mind can think of only one thing at a time. That’s why, whenever a negative, fear-based, separative thought enters your mind, don’t fight it. When we fight an undesirable thought we give it our attention, we give it our energy and thereby nourish it. In other words, instead of getting rid of it, we are blowing it up. So rather than fight undesirable thoughts, just deny them entrance into your mind by taking advantage of the fact that the mind can think of only one thing at a time. When a negative, depressing thought comes up, immediately think a positive, uplifting thought, and the positive thought will – by its very nature – repel the negative thought.

When we fight against an undesirable thought, we send out a force. And that force strengthens the very thought we fight against and weakens ourselves in proportion. When we fight undesirable thoughts, we literally waste our forces. However, when we just switch the channel, so to speak, when we ignore the undesirable thought and just put a desirable thought in its place, we strengthen and grow that which we desire.

Thoughts occupy space. When our mental space is all occupied by or with positive, uplifting thoughts, there is literally no room for undesirable thoughts. And as we keep practicing this for a little while, we literally draw high, lofty matter into our mental body while at the same time purifying our mental field of all low-frequency matter. We are literally changing the chemistry of our mental body. We are practicing alchemy. We are transforming the chemistry of our mental body and in this way make it unreceptive/unresponsive to all lower thought and receptive/responsive to all higher, lofty thought.

We make it positive (unreceptive) to low thought and negative (receptive) to good thought. And that’s the secret to right receptivity and hence to happiness. The secret is to think that which we desire to be, have or do, and to refuse to think that which we desire not to be, have, or do. Doing this will allow us to rise out of mass consciousness even while the world around us stays stuck in it.

ACTION STEP:  For the next seven days make an all-out effort to think exclusively that which you wish to be, do and have. Refuse to think anything that is contrary to love, joy, health, prosperity and goodness. When you do this, you will not only be practicing the secret to right receptivity, but you will also have a magical time 🙂

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