We all have dreams and desires that stir our heart. Did you ever ask yourself why you have the dreams, aspirations and desires that you have? Where they come from? What their purpose is?

In Latin, desire means „of the Father.“ In other words, your desires are literally of Spirit/Source! Your lofty desires are your Creator’s desires. Your desire for abundance, fulfilling relationships, happiness, joy and a meaningful career and service work is literally the force of the Divine within you seeking to express itself in a greater, fuller way.

This is why it is essential that you honor your high, lofty desires and that you give them a chance to express themselves by listening to them, honoring them, and taking action steps to allow them to fruition in your life.

It is a law in nature that the desire to be, to have or to do anything implies the very ability to be, to have or to do that thing. Why? Because the force of the desire that stirs your heart is simply a Divine force that seeks expression in ever greater and more expansive ways. When we do not honor our high, lofty desires and try to repress them, we sooner or later manifest sickness and disease. Djwhal Khul defined all disease as inhibited Soul life.

When we listen to our high, lofty desires and get busy making them come true, we are simply allowing our Soul to step into its fulness. However, when we deny our higher desires and try to suppress them, we are literally hindering our Soul from expressing and expanding. Inhibiting our Soul’s life leads to unhappiness and depression. Enabling our Soul’s life leads to happiness and fulfillment. It ultimately leads to freedom!

Always remember: Your life is God’s life. Your desire for a higher, more expansive life is God’s desire to live and experience a higher, more expansive life through you!

At the end of the day, all of our high, lofty desires and dreams are communications from our Soul. We have an evolutionary goal, and that goal is nothing less than becoming Soul-aware in the here and now – in time and space. One way to reach this goal is to listen to our innermost, highest desires. They help us to evolve to the next level in our evolutionary journey.

What do you truly desire Spiritually speaking? Do you desire a high emotional state of perpetual joy and happiness? Mental mastery? Physical vitality? Fulfilling relationships? Freedom from the wheel of rebirth? If so, here are some ideas to get started: