Every single emotion we experience in every single moment of our life conditions the very substance and wiring of our emotional body. Hence, the quality and purity of our emotional nature is directly determined by the emotions we express. We literally build our emotional body by the emotions we go through.

Now, from an evolutionary point of view, our goal is to have an emotional body that is clear, pure, still and quiet like a limpid lake so as to reflect the higher aspirations of the Soul in a controlled way (rather than reflecting every fleeting whim and desire of the lower self in an uncontrolled way).

Our evolutionary goal is to gain control over our emotional nature. However, in order to reach our goal and attain mastery and control over our emotional nature, there is something important we have to do: We have to purify our emotional body of all the built-in automatic reactions. We need to transcend our automatic emotional reactions into deliberate emotional responses. When we automatically react, we are a victim in life. When we consciously and deliberately respond, we become the master of our life.

If we want to grow in life, there is no way around it: We have to look at our automatic emotional reactions and transform them into new responses that serve our evolutionary goal.

Now, what exactly is our evolutionary goal? Our evolutionary goal here and now – the next step on the ladder of evolution, so to speak – is to become Soul aware in our brain consciousness. To become Soul aware in our brain consciousness, we need to purify our emotional nature so as to establish a direct, unhindered communication between the Overlighting Soul and the extension of itself anchored in the brain (the conscious thinking I).

Every emotional agitation creates a fog of agitated astral substance in our emotional nature and, in this way, veils the light of the Soul. Every fear-based, separative emotion creates a short circuit in our wiring system, and where there is a short circuit in our wiring, it is difficult to change an automatic reaction (ideally: response) because our wiring is like a railway; it is a set path. An automatic reaction is a set wiring. It is a programming. The programming says, „If you hurt me, I will hurt you. If you yell at me, I will yell at you. If you betray me, I will pay you back.“ And since the programming is a set path, it is automatic.

Now, how may we break our automatic reactions?

Step number one: Observe yourself. We cannot change ourselves without first observing what‘s going on. When and where do I react on automatic pilot? In which situations, in the company of which persons, etc. do I react as if at the push of a button? And so, as we answer these questions and become aware – in our self-observation – of an automatic reaction, we have to stop ourselves at the onset of it and deliberately replace it with a new response.

Now, every time we introduce a new conscious response into our system – a response that serves our evolutionary goal of becoming Soul aware in the here and now – we literally change the substance and electric wiring of our emotional nature. We transform our emotional body and make it a suitable vehicle for the Soul. We, as the Soul inhabiting the emotional body, gain mastery over it and take command of our „ship“. That’s the goal, and once we understand the goal we should aspire and work towards it.

Here is something important we need to realize: So long as we do not free ourselves of our automatic built-in reactions, we will stay the same person. There will be no growth in our life because we will be like an automaton, like a robot. We will miss our evolutionary goal and all we will accomplish is to postpone learning the lesson. Yet, sooner or later, if we ever hope to graduate from this earthly school, we will have to face our automatic built-in reactions and deliberately transform them.

Being Soul aware means being conscious in every moment of our life – to the best of our ability. Being Soul aware means consciously choosing our thoughts, consciously expressing our words and emotions, doing things deliberately and consciously. Now quite frankly, it takes lifetimes to accomplish that – and that‘s one of the reasons for reincarnation. Yet, we can achieve immense progress in a relatively short amount of time once we understand the situation, the evolutionary goal and get busy working on it.

It is time to get serious about our Spiritual growth and purpose in life! Let’s start eliminating our automatic reactions. There is no way to attain our evolutionary goal if we keep acting like robots. Let’s start acting like Masters.

Aspiring Masters consciously aspire to express love, joy, humility, gratitude, compassion, purity, persistence, and all these beautiful qualities because – as we do so – we literally change the chemistry of our emotional body, we literally raise the frequency of the substance of our emotional nature, we literally transform our emotional field and free ourselves of the prison of emotional automatism.

ACTION STEP: Observe yourself and look out for automatic reactions that you keep falling into. Pick one of them and start deliberately transforming it into a new conscious, deliberate response. If you are ready to get serious about mastering your physical, emotional and mental nature and life, sign up for 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi. MORE INFO

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