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Why Criticism hinders Soul Growth

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Why Criticism hinders Soul Growth

Hi, this is Gloria from www.iamuniversity.org where we help you to embrace your full potential, grow into an Integrated Enlightened Master and reach your evolutionary goal.

As we have said many times before, the current evolutionary goal ahead of humanity is for us all to become Soul conscious.
Now, one distinctive quality that characterizes the Soul is that the Soul is group-conscious.

So while the negative ego – believing in separation – works just for itself, the Soul – knowing the oneness of all life – always serves the group and the greater good.

Now, for us to realize this in our brain awareness because obviously our evolutionary goal is to become Soul conscious here on Earth, in our physical body, in our brain awareness, so one thing you can do and actually have to do to become Soul aware in your brain-awareness is to stop criticizing self and others. Spiritual discernment – yes of course! Criticism – no! Why?

Because criticism builds walls of mental and astral energy and fosters separation; and if there is one thing that separative walls are not helping to build, it is group consciousness. Separation just builds up the ego. It builds a wall around the ego and the wall then becomes the ego’s prison and a hindrance to service and communication. You have to understand, the thoughts you think, the emotions you have are circulating around you. That’s why we all really live in our own little world; in our own self-created atmosphere. And for most of us our self-created atmosphere is a self-created prison.

So let’s stop criticizing each other. We are all one Spiritual family and at the end of the day, we are all moving in the same direction. We have a common goal and a common purpose. Yes, we are all imperfect and wherever we look – inside of ourselves or outside of ourselves – we all find things to criticize, however, you see, all the things we see in another or outside of us that we think we have to criticize are but an out-picturing of what’s within ourselves, or we would not be able to recognize it.

So, at the end of the day, criticism is just an indication that understanding is lacking. Where there is understanding there cannot be criticism; and where there is criticism, there is no understanding.

And part of that understanding involves the realization that as we become more and more conscious of the Soul, the light of the Soul enters our service instrument and reveals what’s going on there – both the desirable as well as the undesirable. So in a sense, as we grow aware, as we start seeing – more and more – our own shortcomings and mistakes – things which maybe two years ago we did not care about or even see – this is actually a sign that we are advancing. The light of the Soul is kind of highlighting what we need to look at and resolve. And it is because of the Soul’s light that we are now seeing it. So what I am trying to say is that seeing imperfection – noticing things that require improvement – is a sign of progress.

So don’t criticize yourself or others. Understand that we are all in school here. We are all imperfect – without exception. Everyone of us. And that’s totally fine because we are still evolving; we have not yet reached our end goal. We are not yet finished, so to speak. None of us. That’s why we are all imperfect.

So let’s stop criticizing ourselves and others for being imperfect, and lets give feedback only when we are asked to do so – and then let’s give it in a spirit of love and understanding.

Here is your assignment if you are ready to take some action and initiate some growth: Make the next seven days a criticism-free zone. Don’t criticize yourself or others. Have Spiritual discernment, yes of course! So be sure to see things that need to be looked at – but whenever you see something in someone else that needs improvement, improve that part within yourself instead of telling the other person to do so. Then the advice will go the person it is supposed to go. As Oliver Goldsmith said so beautifully, “You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.” Nobody wants to be preached to, we want to be inspired by Soul-inspired lives.

Please think about it. I hope I could be of service to you. Please remember to make a commitment to become an Integrated Enlightened Master and Yogi because it is your evolutionary goal.

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