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Why do we have Problems? The Power and Purpose of Problems

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Why do we have Problems? The Power and Purpose of Problems

Today I would like to talk about something that we all have in common: problems. I just went for a hike in the mountains earlier today and was listening to a talk given by Brian Tracy. He was talking to an audience, and at some point he said something that was kind of funny. He said: Everyone of you either is having a problem right now, just got out of one or is just about to have one. He is spot on.

No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, you are either having a problem right now, you just got out of one, or you are just about to have one. But why? Why can’t life just be all fun and harmony? Why do we need problems? Why are problems a part of everyone’s life?
Before we answer that question, lets look at the big picture. We are humans, right, and we are evolving, right? If you compare humanity today with humanity back in the Middle Ages or back just 100 years ago, I think we can all agree that we are advancing, that we are evolving; we are going somewhere. But where are we going? Where is evolution taking us? The spirit of evolution is pushing us on to take the next step in our evolution. And that next step is for humanity to move from being self-aware to being Soul-aware, to step out of the human kingdom and into the kingdom of awakened Souls. I did a video about that called, “Wow this is our evolutionary goal”. You may want to watch it, if you want to learn more about that subject.

But anyway, you see, here is the thing. To become Soul conscious, to become Soul aware, we need to expand our consciousness. We need to become conscious and aware of certain things that we are currently not aware of – and our problems help us to do that. So let’s have a look at our problems.

What is a problem? A problem is an effect. If you have a relationship problem, that is an effect. If you have a financial problem, that is an effect. If you have a weight problem, that is an effect. We live in a world of cause and effect. Causelessness does not exist.

So our problems are effects. They are the outpicturing of an inner cause. We live in a world of appearances, and so when we have a problem, we usually try to change the outer appearance. We try to change the effect instead of looking at the cause. Let’s say someone is diagnosed with cancer. What does traditional medicine do? They look at the effect and try to change the effect. They take all kinds of medications and inject it into the body. Traditional medicine usually – things are changing – but traditional medicine usually does not consider our emotional energy field, our mental energy field, our etheric body, the planetary group body of which we are all a part of, and the inner side of reality. We usually try to tackle the problem from the outside because that is all we can see with our current state of consciousness.

Cancer, to stick with our example, is a world problem, and we will only be able to solve this world problem once and for all – in a big way – if we look at the problem and allow it to teach us. Teach us what? That the physical is the outpicturing of our etheric, emotional and mental energy – so our thinking and our feeling and our doing, our planetary history and the energies out in the universe, in which we are embedded, have something to do with the manifestation of illness. It teaches us that we don’t only live in a physical world, but we also live in an etheric world, which is the higher component of the physical, in an emotional world, and in a mental world – and we as Souls need to learn to coordinate all these realities.

Right now, most people in this world have no control or understanding of their emotional self. Emotions seem to overcome us out of the blue. We don’t know what emotions are or where they come from. The only thing that seems to be clear is that we have no control over it. Emotions seem to happen to us. Same with our thinking. Most of us don’t even realize that we think, and that we do it all day long, let alone have any control over our thinking. That seems to happen automatically.

You see, when we have a problem and we try to solve it, eventually our searching will take us within, and as we go within we will realize that our thinking, our feeling, our energy body, our being part of the human kingdom and being embedded in a universe that is alive and ever expanding has something to do with our life here on Earth – and our realizing all this will help us to expand our consciousness.
So our problems help us to expand our consciousness. The reason why we have problems is because we are, collectively speaking, unaware of our thinking and feeling, and of the Spiritual journey our Soul is on, and the evolutionary goal our Soul is pursuing. And being unaware of all these things, we work with mental energies and emotional and etheric forces etc. not realizing what we are doing. But our working with these inner energies has an effect – and since we don’t realize what we are doing when we think a thought or have an emotion, the effect is often chaotic – and the name we give to these chaotic effects is problems.

The only problem with problems is that we call them problems. Problems are the outpicturing of our inner state of consciousness – personally and globally. Problems force us to look at the inner cause – and when we do that, we expand our consciousness because we become consciously aware of our emotional and mental and Spiritual world. And consciousness expansion is what is necessary for us to become Soul conscious, which again, is our current evolutionary goal.

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