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3 God Ascension Seat Journey Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
4 Ultimate Cosmic Ray Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
5 God and The Actual Wesak Ceremony Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
6 Divine Mother and Lady Masters Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
7 Isis and The Great Pyramid Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
8 God and The Mahatma Ascension  Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
9 Temple of God Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
10 Complete Ascension Manual Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
11 God and The Metatron Cosmic Tree of Life Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
12 God and The Golden Chamber of Melchizedek Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
13 God and The Revelation of God Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
14 Secret Rods of God and The Higher Lightbody Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
15 Divine Names and Attributes of God Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
16 God and The Higher Kaballah Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
17 Cathedral of God Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
18 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 22 Lightbodies and 33 Supersenses of God Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
19 Mother Earth and The People of the Earth World Service Cleansing and Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
20 Revelation of John and the Bible Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
21 East/West Golden Global Fusion Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store View in Store
22 Christ and The Spiritual Hierarchy Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
23 Becoming an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Christ Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
24 God and The Archangels Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
25 God and The Elohim Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
26 Earth Mother, Pan, Archangel Sandalphon and The Material Face of God Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
27 God and The Divine Father Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
28 God, Christ and The Holy Spirit Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
29 Sacred Flames Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
30 72 Higher Lightbodies of Spirit Ascension Activation Meditation View in Store
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Ascension Activation Meditations Description

In this Soul travel journey you will get to experience the blissful energies and unconditionally loving embrace of some of the most wonderful Ascended Masters, Angels and Elohim.

You will receive a vast abundance of gifts given forth by the Ascended Masters – such as Djwhal Khul, Pallas Athena, the Lord of Arcturus, the Lord of Sirius, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Maitreya, Melchior, the Mahatma, the Ashtar Command, Kuan Yin, the Seven Chohans etc – and many Saints and Sages of old who have achieved liberation – such as Yogananda, Babaji, Rama Krishna, etc.

In this meditation you will anchor the Golden White Ascension Flame, your Twelve-Body-System, your Higher Chakras, Ascension Seats, Pillars of Light and much more. This truly will be an experience and ascension activation not to be missed.

To top it off you will experience Divine and blissful Love Showers which will seep into every cell, atom and molecule of your being.

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

The I AM University’s Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Clearing and Cleansing Meditation provides an integrated, in-depth cleansing and clearing to purify your energy fields on a Soul, Oversoul and Monadic level on a regular basis.

This is the most complete cleansing and clearing meditation of its kind available on Earth at this time!

As part of this thorough cleansing and clearing, the Ascended Masters will assist you in releasing core fears, implants, negative elementals, etheric mucus, negative energies caused by psychic attack, emotional and mental imbalances, lower aspects of the Rays, Archetypes, Sephiroth and Astrological Signs, as well as all kinds of glamour, maya and illusion on an etheric, emotional and mental level.

You will experience a deep cleansing of all of your Soul extensions, Oversoul and Monad. Any earth crystals will be removed by Archangel Sandalphon and the Earth Mother, and past and present life emotional, etheric and mental wounds will be healed to your highest ability.

Your multi-body system will be purified and cleansed all the way back to Source!

This intensive clearing also includes an energetic cleansing of physical toxins on a subclinical level. Experience a sparkling aura and energy field, cleansed of all that no longer serves your highest good. A wonderfully powerful meditation which can be used every day!

In this meditation you will Soul travel to the Ascension Seats of God which will accelerate your ascension process in the most profound way.

Starting off in the Ascension Seat of Shamballa you will be given forth the blessings of Lord Buddha and receive his Light Rod which will profoundly ignite your ascension process.

As you move on in this Soul travel journey you will encounter the Solar, Galactic, Cosmic, Universal and Multi-Universal Ascension Seats all of which will boost your ascension path even further as they mingle their energies with your own and as you revel in the rarefied and refined frequencies they hold.

This Ascension Activation Meditation contains a series of special dispensations intended not just to expand your energetic field and aura but also meant to fine tune your skill and ability to differentiate between the various qualities of energy which the various Ascension Seats hold and represent.

The Cosmic and Planetary Rays make up the Personality of our Creator.

In this unique meditation you will not only anchor and activate the Seven Planetary Rays, which are:

First Ray: Power and Will
Second Ray: Love and Wisdom
Third Ray: Active Intelligence
Fourth Ray: Harmony and Beauty
Fifth Ray: Concrete Knowledge and Science
Sixth Ray: Idealism and Devotion
Seventh Ray: Transformation, Freedom and Ceremonial Order

You will also have the opportunity to meditate with the Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Rays of Spirit and experience the exquisiteness, sublimity and profundity of these Higher Divine Emanations.

As you bathe in and absorb the deepest of frequencies of the Planetary and the Cosmic Rays you will feel and sense a profound change happening within yourself because you will be reconnecting with your Divine Self.

Don’t miss this most wondrous experience.

Soul journey to the famed Wesak Valley in the Himalayas and allow this meditative voyage to guide you through the actual Wesak Ceremony on the inner planes.

Honor Lord Buddha’s birthday (Wesak is Buddha’s birthday) and ascension by taking part in this most profound and awesome Wesak event as it has been celebrated for ages in the Spirit world.

Drink from the sacred Bowl of Water, sanctified by the Divine cosmic energies of Lord Buddha, Helios, Vesta, Melchior, Melchizedek and the Silent Watchers, and soak in the massive down pouring of cosmic energy as it is sent forth by Lord Maitreya to the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and to all of us who form part of this externalizing Hierarchy on Earth, transforming us – from the inside out – into pure vessels of Divinity to carry these frequencies back into the world.

With this meditation you can host your own Wesak celebration in the comfort of your home. Om Mani Padme Hum.

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

Soul travel to the Throne of the Divine Mother and experience the Divine feminine, loving, compassionate, joyful, warm, tender, nurturing qualities of the Divine Mother and of the Lady Goddesses, such as Kuan Yin, Pallas Athena, Vesta, Lakshmi, Isis, Hera and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as Lady Gaia, the Archangels and Elohim of the Feminine Face of Spirit, to name but a few.

This is a very beautiful and wonderful meditation to honor the feminine aspect within you. Everyone on the Spiritual Path needs to integrate both the God and Goddess energies, regardless of whether you are in a male or female body.

This guided meditation will help you give birth to the seed of the Goddess within as you Soul travel up through the many dimensions to the Throne of the Divine Mother, the fount from which all feminine Goddesses and Deities spring forth.

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

Soul Travel with Isis to the Great Pyramid, be initiated as in the Days of Old, and allow yourself to travel back to the Golden Ancient Days of Egypt.

Come into the Great Sphinx of Egypt and let the Sun God Ra, Osiris, Thoth and Isis guide you into your own ascension initiation experience. Answer their seven questions of initiation as you go through the seven levels of initiation testing, and be crowned in the Great Hall of Renunciation where you take the oath to become a fully fledged Melchizedek Integrated Ascended Master.

Includes lots of gifts from the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This is a beautiful meditation, perfect for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

Feel the most elated feeling as you Soul travel through the 352 levels of the Mahatma’s body to take part in this incredible meditative experience!

Once at the top of the Throne of Grace you will be given the Mahatma Activation of Synthesis and feel your Higher Lightbodies become fully activated by the Cosmic Hand of the Mahatma, experiencing pure unfathomable consciousness and bliss.

From connecting with the Spark of the Mind of God, to installing encodements to fulfill your Divine blueprint and destiny, to reveling in the Presence of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, this God and the Mahatma Ascension Activation Meditation includes a vast array of activations and gifts.

A very powerful and profound meditation for the serious student on the Spiritual Path.

In this guided meditation you will journey up through the interdimensional levels of reality to the Holy Temple of The I AM THAT I AM where you shall receive the most sublime activations and blessings of Divine Magnitude.

Meet the Seven Ray Chohans, Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Trinity of Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron, the Lord of Sirius, as well as Helios and Vesta and many other Masters, who will connect with you for these most profound ascension activations.

Allow the Ascended Masters to awaken and reactivate the Key Codes, Fire Letters and Sacred Geometries of the ancient Order of Melchizedek within you, and the Mahatma to install the Crystal of Synthesis within your cellular being. Receive the God Electron, the Universal Rod of Light and a beautiful array of personal gifts from the Celestial Hosts, and much more.

This Ascension Activation Meditation is an invitation to Soul Travel up to the Temple of God and Spiritually replenish with the energies of the Creator.

This meditation is from the book The Complete Ascension Manual by Dr Joshua David Stone. It is a must do meditation if you wish to realize integrated ascension and become a fully realized Integrated Ascended Master on Earth.

In this meditation you will anchor and stabilize your higher fifth dimensional Chakra Grid into your body system, with a healing team standing ready to perfectly balance and attune each Chakra, removing any unwanted energies or cords of energy that are not for your highest Spiritual purpose and of your true Divine Monadic Blueprint.

You will experience a number of profound ascension activations, from activating your Kundalini, to integrating the Raincloud of Knowable Things, to balancing karma from past, future and present.

This Ascension Activation Meditation closes with the reciting of powerful and profound Ascension Affirmations to not only activate your Spirit but also program your mind for the path of integration ascension.

If you ever wanted to experience what it means that the Tree of Life is within, then this is the meditation you have been waiting for.

Activate the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life and Spiritually commune with Archangel Metatron, the Creator of the outer light and electron. Metatron along with his Host of Archangels will ignite, anchor and activate the 12 Sephiroth within you, from Malkuth, the Kingdom, to Yesod, the Foundation, to Kether, the Crown.

This Ascension Activation Meditation is filled with Spiritual activations – from building your personal Antahkarana all the way back to Source, to anchoring the Three Pillars of the Cosmic Tree of Life, to travelling to the Ain Soph Or, and much, much more.

This meditation is for the more seasoned meditator.

Melchizedek, the Universal Logos, who ensouls our entire Universe, invites you to join him on a journey to the very heart of His Universe, the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek.

Journey to the Secret Chamber and become a vortex of love and light in your daily life. Allow the Seven Chohans to open the petals, chambers and facets of your Chakras, and receive the Scrolls of Wisdom and Knowledge from the Great White Lodge on Sirius.

In this Soul travel journey you will not only establish your planetary and cosmic Antahkarana back to your Oversoul, Monad and Spirit, but you will also call forth the Lord of Arcturus and Commander Ashtar for an illumination of your etheric nadis and acupuncture meridians.

Anchor the Cosmic Treasury of Light, Cosmic Light Packets, and much, much more! This is a meditation full of Divine magic and surprise …

This channeled guided meditation is a Revelation of God. It is God revealing Him/Herself to you and through you.

In this incredible ascension experience you will be integrating, merging and perfectly aligning on a permanent basis, to your highest seed potential, with the Cosmic Chakras of God. You will travel to “God’s Secret Crystal Chamber” where the Three-Fold Flame of God’s own Heart resides, and reach heights of ascension never reached before – by igniting and anchoring the Love Rod, the Light Rod and the Power Rod as well as the Cosmic Fire of God.

Allow yourself to soak in and bathe in the most holy of activations you will ever experience on Earth, from anchoring and activating the Anointed Christ Overself Body, Cosmic Tree of Life and Hidden Sephirah of Daath, to anchoring the Sacred Ember and Divine Scriptures of God.

This two-part Ascension Activation Meditation is truly a revelation. Enjoy!

If you ever wanted to know about the Secret Rods of God and realize yourself as a living and breathing Rod and Pillar in the Everlasting Temple of God, then this is the meditation you have been waiting for.

Let the mystery unravel. It is time to claim the Secret Rods of God and become a true Rod and Pillar in the Temple of the Divine.

Anchor and activate your Higher Lightbodies – from Aka Body to Zohar Body of Light – and receive the most sacred blessings through the Divine Grace of God and the Masters of the Secret Rods on a planetary, solar, galactic, cosmic and universal level. These most sanctified gifts have never before been given forth in all of Earth’s history.

Enjoy these most generous and blessed gifts and activations in this truly powerful meditation of all meditations.

Expand your horizon and experience the Holy Names and Attributes of the Most High God. This is an Ascension Activation Meditation that will Spiritually electrify you unlike any other.

Be spellbound by the most awesome and powerful merger and integration of some of the most blessed Attributes of Spirit ever given forth. Come inside the Celestial Cathedral of all Cathedrals to experience activations such as a complete merger – to your highest seed potential – with YHWH, Alpha and Omega, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, the Sugmad, the Shekinah Glory, El Eliyon and the Tetragrammaton of God.

Fasten your seatbelt as you receive a merger and integration with the 48 dimensions of Spirit, the 72 Divine Attributes of God and the Yod Spectrum and much more, for you are on the rocketship and lightbeam to Source.

Integrating the Higher Kabbalah – this is a Soul travel meditation for the advanced initiate!

This channeled guided meditation will take you on a journey through the Higher Kabbalah as it manifests within. You will visit the magnificent Cathedral and Temple of God at the top of Creation and commune with Spirit in the silent sanctuary of your inner consciousness.

Here you will meet with the Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy and the hosts of inner plane beings who will join with you in this incredible ascension activation experience. You will merge with and enjoy a profound union with the I AM THAT I AM, and you will call forth some of the most profound and sublime activations ever.

Enjoy the deepest and most extraordinary activations such as the Divine Template of the Elohim, the Light Packets and Tablets of Creation, the Star Codes of Melchizedek, the Biological Codes of the Christ Race and a vast array of some of the most incredibly powerful activations you will have ever heard of.

Truly a meditation for the aspiring Ascended Master incarnate.

This is a magnificent, advanced Soul travel journey to the Cathedral of God.

In this channelled guided meditation you will take a journey to the Throne of Grace itself and merge with the Elohim Councils as you take on the Mantle of the Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek Archetypal Imprint.

You will experience the anchoring and activation of the Full Garment of the Father, the Full Garment of Perfection, God’s Fire Letters, Key Codes and Sacred Geometries. You will further receive an illumination of all 72 areas of the mind, a profound integration of and merger with the Heart and Mind of Spirit, the anchoring and activation of your higher occult senses, and much, much more.

This is truly an amazing Ascension Activation Meditation not to be missed which encompasses a magnificent array of cosmic and sublime activations.

In this channeled guided meditation you will receive the Revelatory Gifts of the Holy Spirit, an activation of your first 22 Lightbodies, and an opening up of your initial 33 Supersenses given to you by God.

Go for the ultimate ascension activation and prepare yourself for an experience of a rapture-like nature.

Among the many Divine activations in this unique Ascension Activation Meditation, you will receive and experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, an activation of the ability to understand the Mysteries of the Shekinah Kingdoms of God, of the ability to speak in Angelic Languages and Scientific tongues, of the ability to perform miracles, perform instantaneous healing and understand the gift of prophecy.

You will receive an anchoring and activation of your 22 Higher Lightbodies, such as the Logoic Body, Mayavarupa Body, Atmic Body of Light and the Galactic Son Overself Body, and many more, which will profoundly accelerate your ascension process.

You will expand and activate your consciousness with the most powerful, never before anchored on Earth, Supersenses of God including the Supersenses of Soul Travel, Knowingness, Beatitude, Clairaudience and Psychometry, and much more…

A must have meditation for the aspiring Integrated Ascended Master!

This channeled guided meditation is in honor of our beloved Planet Earth and all Souls incarnate on our planet. It is a complete world service and cleansing Ascension Activation Meditation for the planet and its inhabitants.

As you take part in this most profound Earth cleansing meditation, you will be helping to cleanse all negative ego and imbalanced energies from the planet as well as from the consciousness of humanity. You will be assisting with the removal of negative implants and elementals in humanity, and you will work with the core fear matrix removal program from the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul to help remove all core fear, selfishness, anger, attack thoughts, violence, war, judgmentalness, lack of forgiveness and any and all lower self consciousness and thought forms as they express through their many faces.

You will help clear the aura of Mother Earth and all the people of the Earth, repair leaks, holes, irritations and spots in the aura of the Earth Mother and humanity as well as pull out astral, mental, etheric and physical dross and smog from the planet as a whole. You will work with the Golden Cylinder and Violet Transmuting Flame and many other tools to help cleanse human consciousness, and much more.

This meditation is an invitation to you to take responsibility in the healing and transformation of our sacred planetary Home.

Allow the Bible to come alive in this guided channeled meditative journey, as John reveals the true esoteric meaning of the Bible within the inner cosmos of your very own consciousness.

Bathe in the inner plane River of Jordan and be baptized by John the Baptist as he calls forth the Holy Spirit to imbue you with the Spirit of God! Journey with Moses to the inner plane Promised Land leading you to the Cosmic Church of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, and witness how your Chakras turn into Seven Golden Candlesticks, opening the Seven Seals and Seven Books of Inner Life.

Use this meditation to throw all of your lower self desires and fears into the Burning Bush of God to be consumed and released by this powerful Cosmic Fire forevermore.

Experience yourself being lifted up and transfigured as you receive the Rapture of God, and much, much more.

Merging East and West – an Ascension Activation Meditation for the entire world! Embark on a channeled meditation and journey to unite Eastern and Western consciousness within and without …

In this guided meditation you will experience a world united through the many faces of religion. Find yourself at the Cosmic Rooftop in a Soul travel journey to the Holy Ashrams, Monasteries, Churches, Mosques and Temples of all paths of faith.

Peep into your Akashic Records and Personal Book of Life, magically find yourself in God’s Cosmic Garden of Eden in the Beginning before Time and Space, and become the Lamb of God after placing everything onto the Inner Altar of Spirit.

A beautiful Soul travel journey to the inner worlds, this Ascension Activation Meditation is one of a kind.

Enjoy this invocation of and merger with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Christ (in a universal sense, not Christian sense), who is the Second Aspect of the Trinity.

Experience some of the most powerful and profound activations of the Christ, such as the anchoring and activation of the Holy Letters and Holy Hidden Language of the Fiery Light of the Christ, the 72 Golden Spirals of the Trinity, the Hidden Wisdom of the Christ and the Christed Superhuman Body.

Step into the Ashram of the Christ to anchor, activate and integrate the Glorified Grand Mind of the Christ, the Sevenfold Mantle of the Christ and the Christed Supralight Body of Synthesis, and enter the Healing Room and Activation Chamber of the Cosmic Christ Itself!

These profound activations have never before been given to humanity. They are some of the most “integrated” Christ Activations ever given forth in the history of humanity.

The ultimate Ascension Activation Meditation of the entire set thus far, this specific meditation integrates the love, the wisdom and the power of the Spiritual Hierarchy in an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism sense to bring out the Christ in you, the Buddha, the Krishna, the Mighty I AM Presence, the Al-Hafiz and the God.

In this profound Soul journey experience, you will take the necessary steps to help awaken and realize the Christ within you by anchoring within your being, Chakras and auric field, among others, the Mantle of the Christ, the Golden White Robe of the Christ, the Universal Archetypal Blueprint of the Christ and the Universal Grid of the Christ, to name but a few of the activations which form part of this ascension activation.

Never before has there been such a powerful and integrated infusion and anchoring of the Christ in so many ways, on so many levels and in such a complete Full Spectrum Prism Integration as this!

This is a very beautiful Soul journey meditation to the Cathedral of the Mighty Archangels where you will receive their Angelic blessings, activations and realizations.

In this guided meditation you will journey in Archangel Metatron’s Diamond Merkabah to the Crystalline Cathedral of the Archangels where you shall experience the love, the healing and the profound Divine activations and blessings which the Fourteen Holy Archangels have in store for you.

These activations of their Divine gifts, such as increased power, unconditional love, Divine intelligence, harmony and infinite knowledge, will charge, activate and accelerate your ascension process in untold ways.

Great meditation for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

This is a beautiful meditation with the Elohim, the Creator Gods.

In this guided meditation you will Soul travel to the Top of Creation to the Temple of the Godhead to commune, meditate, be and create with and like the Elohim.

Enjoy this beautiful and educational, meditative journey into the world of the Elohim, from the tiniest elementals, fairies and devas, to the grandest of the Elohim who co-create at a cosmic level with the Cosmic Presence of God.

Experience what it feels like when, with your inner vision, you are shown the Earth’s miniature devas and elementals working in groups to produce profound creations such as a single blade of grass and a single grain of sand.

Visit the Fairy Kingdom who work closely with the elementals. Feel what it is like to be a wild animal, or what it feels like to inhabit the body of a planet as a whole. This meditation will give you an amazing insight into the connectedness of all that is and the Oneness of Creation, through every single level all the way back to Source.

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

This Ascension Activation Meditation is a meditative journey into another world – the world of the Earth Mother, Nature Sprits, Devas and the Material Kingdom of Spirit.

In this creative Soul travel journey you will connect with the inner realms of the Earth and the powerful loving presence of the Earth Mother, aligning with the natural heartbeat and rhythm of Lady Gaia herself.

You will connect with the Priests and Priestesses from the Ancient Order of Melchizedek and become aware, as you journey through the aspects of the physical Faces of Spirit, of your own deep connection to Oneness and pure undifferentiated Source.

In this guided Ascension Activation Meditation you will develop your own attunement to and sacred respect for the Material Face of Spirit which spans many inner and outer realms of the Earth herself.

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

In this guided meditation you will Soul travel to the Throne Room of the Divine Father at the 352nd level of Divinity, and energetically connect and commune with the Masculine Face of Spirit.

This beautiful Ascension Activation Meditation with the Divine Father, the Ascended Masters and Celestial Hosts will connect you with the Presence and Essence of our Heavenly Father and the bountiful gifts that await within the Throne Room at the highest level of Divinity.

Experience the Divine Father’s embrace as you are given the many sacred gifts from the Celestial Masters such as the Rainbow Band of Synthesis, the Seed of Creation itself, and the Grace of the Archangels and Masters of the Seven Rays. Your journey will include the energetic experience of the powerful energy of the Most Holy High Priest of Shamballa!

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

In this guided Soul travel journey you will merge with the Trinity on a planetary, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic level.

This Ascension Activation Meditation takes you to the Ashram of the Christ where you will enjoy the loving energies of Lord Maitreya, Sananda and Lord Kuthumi along with the soft and powerful energies of the Holy Spirit.

You will experience the Christ Heart energy and the Wisdom of the Christed Mind as you are guided to let go of all lower self feelings, emotions and psychological patterns which no longer serve your highest good. As well you will receive the Divine blessings and activations of full Christ Consciousness and be guided to allow the Holy Spirit to undo all and any negative actions, deeds or experiences that may have lodged into your twelve-body system and in your cellular make-up. This and much, much more…

Allow the Trinity to come alive in the Holy of Holies of your inner consciousness! Enjoy the energies, relax, soak in and allow the transformation to begin.

This is a very beautiful meditation to fill and attune your being with the will, power, love, wisdom, intelligence, beauty, harmony, concrete knowledge, devotion, idealism, freedom, transformation, transmutation and splendor of the Seven Sacred Flames of God and with the most powerful and awe inspiring 22 Higher Sacred Flames within the Celestial Realms of Spirit.

In this guided meditation you will Soul journey in the Sacred Merkabah of Archangel Metatron as he guides you to the inner Temples of the Sacred Seven Rays, and even higher into the cosmic, celestial realms which house the Higher Rays of Color and Sound.

These Higher Sacred Flames and Rays carry the consciousness to transform our cellular structure to hold more and more of the powerful energies and qualities which these most magnificent Rays represent.

Enjoy this most profound attunement to the Sacred Flames of God.

This is the most powerful, integrated and all inclusive meditation of its kind intended to Spiritually anchor and activate the 72 Higher Light Bodies.

This ascension activation will take you into a magical and majestic temple known as the Infinity Temple of Source. You will visit in your Soul Body the birthplace of ALL Creation and bask in the beauty, glory, splendor, power, love and wisdom of the most Holy Presence.

In this not to be missed experience you will receive some of the most incredibly sublime and sanctified gifts that have ever been given forth to beings on Earth. You will receive many splendorous Light Body activations which will be given forth by the Cosmic Masters, such as the Galactic Body of Melchior, the Light Body of Metatron, the Multi-Universal Body of the Mahatma, the Love Body of the Creator, the Light Body of God, moving up to the Cosmic Bodies of the Supreme Creator, and much more.

Fasten your seatbelt for you are indeed on the rocketship to God.