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3 How to Become a Master Spiritual, Psychological and Earthly Counselor for Self and Others View in Store
4 How to Become an Effective and Clear Channel for Spirit and the Ascended Masters View in Store
5 How to Master the 36,000 Lessons of the Twelve Schools, Colleges, and Challenges of Life View in Store
6 How to Master, Open and Balance your Seven Seals and Safely Raise your Kundalini View in Store
7 How to Develop the Thirty-Three Levels of Spiritual Psychology to Open your Third Eye View in Store

Ascension Manuals Description

What do you think, how would it make you feel if at the end of this incarnation you could say that you have become a fully realized Integrated Enlightened Master?

That you have not wasted your life on that which is transitory and illusionary, as most people in this world do, but that you actually listened to the Call and answered it?

That you achieved that which you have been working towards ever since you first incarnated on Earth: freedom from the wheel of rebirth?!

Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine all the joy, all the ecstasy and the deep inner peace and sense of fulfillment that surely will overcome you at the end of this incarnation, if you but make a decision TODAY to use your every thought, feeling, word, action and deed towards becoming an Integrated Ascended Master in this lifetime.

And now imagine how great it would be if there was a source of guidance that would “summarize” in clear, simple language what it takes to become this Master! Take a moment and enjoy the experience…

And now gently open your eyes and rejoice at the existence of the Official I AM University Workbook on how to become an Integrated Ascended Master in this lifetime.

To be more precise, among other things, in this 1,000-page Workbook you will learn:

  • how to pass the seven levels of initiation,
  • checklist of how to develop and refine your consciousness,
  • how to master and properly integrate your feelings and emotions,
  • how to properly parent your inner child,
  • how to integrate and balance the three levels of Spiritual growth,
  • how to properly integrate and balance the Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power,
  • how to integrate and cleanse Soul extensions from your Monad,
  • how to integrate, balance and master the 22 sacred paths of yoga,
  • how to work with Ascension Seats,
  • what the 250 golden keys are to creating perfect radiant health,
  • how to develop a healthy psychoepistemology,
  • how to do effective journal writing,
  • how to process life properly on a Spiritual and psychological level,
  • how to properly protect yourself,
  • how to properly ground your energies,
  • 40 ideas and thoughts on how to clear negative implants, elementals and astral entities,
  • which 22 different clearings you can do to purify your energy fields,
  • which 385 ascension activations and cleansings you can ask of Spirit before going to bed every night,
  • which 20 healing tools you can apply to your physical and psychological healing,
  • how to learn to channel,
  • a potpourri of 80 ascension and healing tools to work with,
  • and much, much more…

Here are three compelling reasons why you should get your copy today:

  1. It was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who attained enlightenment himself by following exactly the guidance given in this Workbook. So if you want to know what he did to attain mastery and what you can do to become a master yourself, get your copy today and you will find out.
  2. This is the most comprehensive Workbook on Integrated Ascension in the world today. As a matter of fact, it is the ONLY one, because the terms “Integrated Ascension” and “Integrated Ascended Master” were coined and created by Dr Joshua David Stone himself.
  3. This Workbook is a 1000-page treasure chest on invaluable training, tips and tools on how to become a Realized Integrated Ascended Master, Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Mighty I AM Presence – in this lifetime.

In short, this is a Workbook that works.

Now ask yourself again:

What do you think, how would it make you feel if at the end of this incarnation you could say that you have become a fully realized Integrated Enlightened Master?

That you have not wasted your life on that which is transitory and illusionary but that you actually listened to the Call and answered it?

That you achieved that which you have been working towards ever since you first incarnated on Earth: freedom from the wheel of rebirth?!

It would make you the happiest, most ecstatic, most joyful and most fulfilled Son/Daughter of Source in this world.

So sign up NOW and give yourself this gift of self-mastery, integrated Spiritual growth and freedom from the wheel of rebirth! It is a gift that only you can give yourself, however, this Ascended Master Workbook will give you the practical tools and means required to give yourself this gift.

Would you like to know which Spiritual practice will probably bring forth more Integrated Enlightened Masters than any other Spiritual practice in the world?

Which Spiritual practice will allow you to be more wise, more powerful, more loving, and more integrated every single day when you close your eyes to go to bed?

Would you not want to be smarter, more integrated and more enlightened every time you close your eyes?

If the answer is YES, then the Spiritual practice you should integrate into your daily schedule as of NOW is journaling.

No journaling, no self-growth. It is that simple.

Journaling, if done right, is not just a process of scribbling down on a piece of paper the happenings and events of the day; it is the process of systematically investigating into your consciousness and making the necessary attitudinal corrections – every single day!

If you want to know how Dr Joshua David Stone used journaling as a tool to speed through the ascension and initiation process, then you will love this training manual!

To be more precise, in this 1,000-page training manual you will learn:

  1. what 70 psychological and consciousness development sections to create in your journal system so as to ensure consistent Spiritual growth,
  2. what 30 Spiritual/ ascension sections to create in your journal system to systematically transform your consciousness into that of an Integrated Enlightened Master, and
  3. what 24 physical body/ Earth life-related sections to create in your journal to ground your Spirituality.

Also included is a vast selection of related articles to help you learn:

  • why to put on your “armor of God” every morning,
  • how to master bad habits and addictions,
  • how to release anger, fear and worry,
  • what you should know about dreams and sleep,
  • how to reprogram your subconscious mind,
  • how to prepare for all contingencies in life,
  • why it is so important to make Spiritual lists,
  • how to discover and overcome your Soul challenges,
  • how to develop a flawless character, integrity and clarity,
  • how to develop personal power,
  • why you are in truth invulnerable on every level,
  • how to attain Christ Consciousness,
  • how to glorify God instead of self in daily living,
  • how to integrate the three minds and four bodies,
  • how to develop an extremely high-functioning physical, psychological and Spiritual immune system,
  • what the eleven different types of meditation are to help you achieve Self Realization in this lifetime,
  • how to work with Planetary and Cosmic Ascension Seats,
  • how to work with Huna prayers – including samples,
  • what the 233 Spiritual practices are to realize God,
  • how and why to clear negative implants and elementals,
  • and much, much more…

Dr Joshua David Stone wrote in his journal every single day of his adult life. It was this very practice that allowed him to grow more masterful, more wise, more peaceful and more integrated every single day.

Can you image how your life will change if you didn’t just go through life but grow through life? If you used every little thing that happened in your life as gist for the mill, as an opportunity for Spiritual growth, and a blessing in disguise?

If you can see the incredible value of implementing such a philosophy, then journaling is THE tool for you to ensure daily Spiritual growth.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Dr Joshua David Stone and start journaling your way to Integrated Ascension today.
  • Learn from a Master how to effectively journal to ensure DAILY GROWTH.
  • Journaling will not only give you Spiritual growth, it will also give you self-discipline, inner peace, happiness, joy, self-mastery, and much, much more…

This Journal Manual is very practical and comprehensive in nature.

It was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who used this very practice to catapult his own Spiritual growth!

Now it is up to you to catapult yourself into the rarefied air of Integrated Enlightened Masters by signing up for this course now. Once you get the hang of journaling, it will be a practice whose benefits you will enjoy for the rest of your life – in every area of your life. You will love it!

This Counseling Manual is the most comprehensive and most complete training in psychological, Spiritual and Earthly counselling that has ever been put together. It signifies the culmination of Dr Stone’s definitive works in co-creation with Spirit and the Masters, and continues where traditional psychology leaves off.

Whereas the traditional ways of counseling are confined to the personality level and try to facilitate healing within the “net of duality,“ this Training Manual explores and introduces Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Counseling that integrates the three levels of man’s constitution which are known as the personality, Soul and Monad. And, if that were not enough, it goes beyond psychological counseling and includes the physical/Earthly and Spiritual dimension of self.

Only if approached from such an integrated and full spectrum prism understanding, can true and everlasting healing and realization occur.

Among other things, in this 2,000-page Counseling Manual you will learn:

  • basic things a counselor in training needs to understand before a counseling session can even begin,
  • what the goal of counseling is,
  • what the educational aspects of counseling are,
  • what the tools of the trade of being a counselor are,
  • which logistical issues to take into consideration,
  • insights on “client centered therapy,”
  • how to deal with clients who are stuck in a certain traditional psychological model,
  • how to deal with clients who come from a specific religious orientation,
  • how to build a counseling practice,
  • what the seven basic types of counseling are,
  • how to work with voice dialoguing,
  • how to counselor someone who is dying,
  • how to counsel someone threatening to commit suicide,
  • what pre-questionnaire new clients should fill out before the counseling session begins,
  • how to work with dreams in the counseling process,
  • how to release fear, worry and anger in your clients,
  • how to develop unconditional self-love and self-worth,
  • how to help clients release addictions and bad habits,
  • how to resolve conflicts with your clients,
  • how to deal with indigo children, rainbow children and crystal children,
  • what the differences are between soul psychology and traditional psychology,
  • includes definitions of some of the major psychological pathologies and what they really are in psychological and Spiritual terms,
  • why it is important to become an integrated full spectrum prism counselor and psychologist,
  • insights about fragmented and limited lens psychology,
  • how to undo major mistakes of clients,
  • how to get someone to own their personal power,
  • how to use voice dialogue to empower your clients,
  • how to deal with psychic possession in your clients and how to remove astral entities,
  • insights about the issue of protection in counseling,
  • how to work with a manic-depressive client,
  • the issue of differing elevators in counseling and how to deal with it,
  • how to deal with sociopathic clients,
  • how to deal with clients who do not have proper boundaries,
  • how to deal with neurotic or obsessed clients,
  • how to release the past in your client,
  • how to release future concern and worry in your client,
  • how to overcome psychological trauma,
  • how to help clients release bonding patterns,
  • the issue of hearing versus listening in the counseling process,
  • how to deal with resistant clients,
  • how to master subconscious interference,
  • how to deal with physically handicapped clients,
  • the issue of giving homework to your clients,
  • how to properly integrate feelings and emotions,
  • how to deal with attack, criticism and betrayal,
  • how to get rid of phobias,
  • what the Official I AM University 72 Types of Counseling are,
  • and much, much more…

Once you have finished this training manual and course, you will have gained nothing less than a degree in Soul psychology. You will be better equipped to help clients than most traditional psychologists in the world.

You will know how to counsel yourself and how to coach others from a Spiritual, psychological and Earthly perspective so as to help them get right with self, master their minds, their emotions and attain Self and God Realization in this very lifetime.

It will be one of the best investments of your life because for a very small investment you can learn a whole new skill to be of better service to Spirit and humanity.

  • Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a great channel for Spirit and the Ascended Masters?
  • Have you ever wondered why two people can channel the exact same Master on the exact same subject, yet they bring through entirely conflicting information?
  • And have you ever wanted to know how you yourself can acquire the channeling skill without falling into the many traps of glamour and illusion that so many Lightworkers haven fallen into without realizing it?

Channeling can be one of the most corrupt Spiritual practices in the world if one does not understand how much the development of consciousness plays in the clarity of the message coming through. A great many so-called Ascended Master channelings out there are plain fantasy and illusionary, and once you read this training manual you will understand why!

To be more precise, among other things, in this 130-page training manual you will learn:

  • what channeling is and what it is not,
  • a meditative exercise to prepare yourself for the channeling process,
  • what the two major types of channeling are,
  • how the development of consciousness impacts the channeling process,
  • how the development of the Chakras influences the clarity of the channeling process,
  • how the development of consciousness in the Seven Rays influences the purity and accuracy of the channeling process,
  • how the quality of a channeling is dependent on the level of Spirit and Lightbody a person channels from,
  • why it is so important to be Spiritually discerning in regards to external channeling,
  • why channels for Spirit and/or the Masters are in most cases not Self-realized beings,
  • what the dangers of non-integrated channeling, clairaudience and clairvoyance are,
  • why the newest path of ascension is negative ETs and astral entities parading as Ascended Masters and Enlightened Beings and what this has to do with the channeling process,
  • why in truth there is no such thing as clairaudience and clairvoyance, but only consciousness which totally controls what a person inwardly hears and sees,
  • why and how God speaks to us all the time in multitudinous ways,
  • how to develop the sevenfold third eye,
  • how to develop the sevenfold third ear,
  • who the teachers and channels of God really are,
  • why in order to be a true channel for God you first need to embody God in your daily life,
  • what the difference is between channeling a Master and being one yourself,
  • why the next step in evolution is learning to be the light, not just channel the light,
  • and much, much more…

If you are a facilitator, channel or coach and work with clients in more intuitive ways, then this training manual is a must-read for you.

If you want to develop the skill to discern which so-called channelings out there are on the side of truth and which ones are plain fantasy, then this training manual will show you the way.

And if you want to find out why the Ascended Masters on the inner plane have no interest whatsoever to work with disintegrated channels but why they ever seek to work with people who are Masters in their own right, then you will also find the answer to that burning question in this training course.

  • This training manual was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who is an authority on the subject. He spent his lifetime studying consciousness and analyzing the reasons why the New Age Movement has become such a “vast wasteland of fallen channels, Spiritual teachers and healers” as in many ways it is today. 
  • It is the product of thousands of hours of meditation, practice, prayer and self-inquiry.
  • It is only available at the I AM University, the world’s one and only training faculty for aspiring Integrated Ascended Masters!

Sign up NOW, study this eye-opening training manual TODAY and look at the world with a new set of eyes TOMORROW!

Did you know that the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac are esoterically called the Twelve Schools, Colleges and Challenges of Life?

And did you also know that in Eastern philosophy each of these Twelve Schools contains 3,000 lessons that we all have to pass in order to graduate from this Earthly School?

And that having this understanding, the Science of the Zodiac can be used as a psychological tool and instrument to systematically clear the negative ego or lower self to realize our Divinity?

If the whole purpose of life is to realize our Divinity, and the Science of the Zodiac provides a system for mastering the 36,000 symbolic lessons that we all have to master in order to realize our Divine Self, would you not want to know what these lessons are and how to pass them? This is exactly what you will learn in this training manual.

To be more precise, among other things, in this 1,100-page training manual you will learn:

  • who you are, why you are here on Earth, and where you are going on your Spiritual path,
  • how the negative ego sabotages your ability to manifest,
  • what thought therapy is and how it works,
  • how people see what they want to see and how they see what they are victimized to see,
  • why we don’t have relationships to people but to our beliefs about people,
  • how to develop unconditional self-love and develop a right relationship to the inner child,
  • how to realize your gifts, talents and abilities,
  • how to develop an indomitable iron will and the heart of a champion,
  • how to quiet the mind,
  • how to Spiritually and psychologically process life properly,
  • how to keep the issue of light and darkness in proper perspective,
  • how to open your Third Eye,
  • what the six-step process is for spiritualizing your emotional self,
  • how to develop and refine your consciousness,
  • how to Soul travel,
  • how to find your puzzle piece,
  • how to pass your initiations,
  • what the 72 Supersenses of God are,
  • what the dangers of lower psychism are,
  • how to develop congruency between the conscious, Superconscious and subconscious minds,
  • how to reprogram the subconscious mind,
  • and much, much more…

This ascension manual contains 144 lessons plus a phenomenal bonus lesson called, “How to clear the negative ego through the Science of Astrology!”

Also included are lots of overview charts summarizing key themes, key goals, key challenges and key lessons of each of the Twelve Schools!

This course was written by Dr Joshua David Stone, author of the widely-acclaimed Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path and of numerous Training Courses and Training Manuals that add up to many, many thousands of pages in training on Spiritual psychology and Eastern philosophy.

Studying this training manual will save you lifetimes of trying to figure out all this by yourself.

Here are three reasons why you should enroll in this course today:

  1. If you truly want to realize God on a Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly level, then this unique approach to understanding the 36,000 symbolic lessons of the Zodiac will provide you with a system to pass your tests with flying colors.
  2. If you want to become an expert in the Science of Astrology from a psychological point of view, then this course will provide the training you need.
  3. And if you just want a guide to help you advance in your Spiritual growth, then in this training manual you will find 144 tips and tools to speed up your ascension and initiation process.

Life is too short to not get serious about your Spiritual growth and Spiritual path! Life is too short to not make this decision today. The difference between people who grow through life and those who just go through life is that those who GROW through life decide to do so! Make the decision for Spiritual growth today and sign up now for this wonderful course. You will not regret it.

Would you like to know how to safely raise your Kundalini?

Would you like to know how to open, master and balance your Chakras?

And would you like to know what the Seven Rays have to do with all that?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a resounding YES, then you should also say YES to this training and ascension manual.

To be more precise, among other things, in this 400-page training manual you will learn:

  • insights about the Twenty-Two Chakras,
  • how the negative ego affects the Seven Chakras,
  • how to master, open, balance and integrate your Chakras using your mind, feelings, energy, behavior, actions, Spiritual mission, Spiritual practices, Spiritual journal, dreams, service work, light and sound,
  • what the seven methods are of mastering, balancing and opening your Chakras,
  • why it is so important to cleanse, purify and refine your energy fields and Chakras if you want to take your initiations,
  • how Chakras, initiations and Higher Lightbodies are related,
  • why it is important to make decisions from an integrated perspective that honors the Seven Rays and Seven Chakras,
  • how people get stuck in certain Chakras, Rays and Schools, Colleges and Challenges of Life,
  • what the Personality of God has to do with the Seven Rays,
  • insights about esoteric psychology and the science of the Twelve Rays,
  • what the seven great psychological keys and Spiritual tests are that each Spiritual seeker must pass to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
  • how we glorify and corrupt the Seven Great Rays of God,
  • how to clear the negative ego through the Science of the Rays,
  • why and how to balance the Threefold Flame,
  • how to master and integrate the Seven Rays,
  • how to integrate Higher Rays,
  • how to fully raise your Kundalini in a safe way,
  • includes Ascension Activation Meditations as well as a potpourri of Ray and Chakra Charts,
  • and much, much more…

Why you should say YES to this training manual:

  1. It will help you open up and grow Spiritually. It will give you Spiritual growth that will be yours for the rest of this lifetime and on into eternity.
  2. It includes very practical guidance as to what you should do and how the various Spiritual practices will help you see immediate results.
  3. Ultimately, it will help you grow closer to Spirit.

This ascension manual was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who naturally and effortlessly raised his own Kundalini through the systematic and balanced development of consciousness as he describes it in this wonderful course.

In this course, Dr Stone demystifies the whole science of raising the Kundalini and explains in no uncertain terms what really counts in life and what really gives us Spiritual growth.

This training is the product of uncounted hours of consistent consciousness development, self-inquiry, practice and study.

If you can see the value of having a Spiritual teacher like Dr Joshua David Stone, who is an expert in integrated consciousness development, show you how to open your Chakras and raise your Kundalini in a safe way, then say YES to yourself and sign up for this course. You will love it!

Would you like to know the secret of how to open your Third Eye?

And would you like to know how to do it in an integrated and balanced way?

Many Lightworkers have a very limited understanding of what it means to open the Third Eye and how to do it. Contrary to popular opinion, opening the Third Eye has nothing to do with opening up one’s clairvoyant abilities. As a matter of fact, many so-called clairvoyants are stuck on the psychic plane with a fully closed Third Eye.

Opening the Third Eye comes from expanding your vision, your consciousness and your horizon. It comes from making an effort to look at life through the eyes of Spirit: from a full spectrum of lenses and perspectives. And this is exactly what this course seeks to convey.

To be more precise, among other things, in this 500-page training manual you will learn insights about:

  • Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthesis Psychology,
  • Cosmic Psychology,
  • Spiritual Psychology,
  • Ascended Master Psychology,
  • Personality, Soul and Monadic Psychology,
  • Mass Consciousness Psychology,
  • Fragmented and Limited Lens Psychology,
  • Five Elements Psychology,
  • Taoistic Psychology,
  • Jewish Prophets Psychology,
  • Hindu Gods Psychology,
  • Christian Saints Psychology,
  • Muslim Prophets Psychology,
  • Buddhist Masters Psychology,
  • Greek Gods Psychology,
  • Physical Body Psychology,
  • Threefold Flame Psychology,
  • Ascended Master Numerology Psychology,
  • God, Christ, Holy Spirit Psychology,
  • Cult and Twilight Masters Psychology,
  • Chakra Psychology,
  • Ray Psychology,
  • Twelve Schools, Colleges and Challenges of Life Psychology,
  • Tree of Life Psychology,
  • Archetypal Psychology,
  • City and Country Psychology,
  • Mineral Kingdom Psychology,
  • Plant and Flower Psychology,
  • Animal Psychology,
  • Traditional Psychology,
  • Aquarian Age Ascended Master Psychology,
  • How to Become an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthesis Psychologist,
  • And much, much more…

Just reading this bullet list of different levels of psychology is already consciousness-expanding.

Then take a moment and imagine how much your mind and consciousness will expand once you actually study this course and delve deeply into the many insights that each of these 33 levels of psychology contains. It is this systematic expanding of consciousness that naturally opens your Spiritual vision and Third Eye.

This ascension and training manual was written by the late, great Dr Joshua David Stone who did not only have a degree in Transpersonal Psychology but also a license as Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, in California, USA. He is not only an expert in Traditional Psychology but also an authority in Soul Psychology, having authored a bestseller by the same name.

In this course Dr Stone merges his love for psychology with his passion of bringing an “integrated full spectrum prism approach” to everything he does. He looks at psychology from an integrated and balanced perspective unlike any other author in this world.

It is the product of studying psychology and consciousness development for a lifetime. And it can be yours for a very small investment given the value you will receive.

Now, why should you take this course?

  1. Albert Einstein once said that “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” To properly handle our personal and planetary problems will require us to expand our thinking. This course will expand your thinking unlike anything else in this world. It will allow you to look at your life with a fresh set of eyes.
  2. This course will make you an expert in Spiritual psychology which in practical terms means that you will have the skills and abilities to be master of your mind, your feelings, your emotions and your life! Now imagine what that means to your life.
  3. It will open your higher vision and Third Eye.

If you want to expand your consciousness, which is the natural way of evolution, then sign up for this program.

And if you want to open up your Third Eye by natural means and by this way step out of mass consciousness, which is stuck in limited thinking, then get your copy today.

It will be a wise investment into the expansion of your life, mind and consciousness.