Each person has a mental atmosphere. This atmosphere, from which we can’t separate ourselves and which necessarily goes with us wherever we go, is the result of all that we have ever thought, felt, done and said.

This sphere of electromagnetic frequencies is very real and it is these very real frequencies that constitute the secret of personal attraction. Whether we feel attracted to a person or repelled by their presence has in truth little to do with outer looks; it has everything to do with our personal atmosphere – our emotional and mental vibration – that we all tune into, consciously or unconsciously, whenever we meet another person.

This is the reason why we meet some people that we hardly notice while others we feel at once attracted to, not knowing why.

What we feel attracted to or repelled by is the vibrations emanating from the people we run into. When our own vibration goes in resonance with the vibration of another person, we say we „like“ them. When we can’t resonate with them, we say we „don’t like“ them or are just not interested. We intuitively turn away.

If we want to grow in life, it is a wise idea to start paying attention to our mental atmosphere and to start cultivating deliberately an atmosphere of love, light and sunshine. Doing this will totally change your life for the better. Give it a try 🙂

ACTION STEP: For the next seven days, monitor yourself and all your contacts. How do you affect people and how do people affect you? Start paying attention to your aura and to the aura of other people, and notice how being cheerful versus angry changes the nature of your contacts.

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