My Beloved Readers, this is a most interesting lesson. The first question that comes up in people’s minds upon reading the title of this lesson is, how is this possible for there are people in my life who are definitely not supportive of me. They are attacking, angry, judgmental, divisive, they hold grudges, they are into their negative egos, they are victims, run by their emotional body, disturbed, they even have betrayed my trust. So how can you say, Dr Joshua that you can help me make all relationships supportive? This person is unsalvageable and as my grandpappy used to say, “You can’t mend a broken dish!”

When I hear this, this brings music to my ears for I very much enjoy a good Spiritual challenge. The great esoteric secret I am about to share with you is the paradigm shift of all paradigm shifts from negative ego interpretation to a Spiritual/ Christ /Buddha interpretation.

What I am saying is this: I am not saying I can make this relationship personally work and I am not saying from a distance I can make this person right with self and right with God. What I am saying is the fact that this relationship is not supportive has nothing to do with the other person, it has to do with your faulty thinking.

When life and all relationships are seen through the Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha Consciousness all relationships automatically become supportive. The reason for this is that from God’s Perspective and your Higher Self’s Perspective that other person is giving you a Spiritual test, teaching, lesson, blessing, opportunity to teach you something you need to learn and it would not be happening if you did not need the lesson. That other person from God and your Higher Self’s Perspective is your master teacher. Everything they do of a good or bad nature is your master teacher. So what are they teaching you?

First off, they are teaching you:

  • Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha Consciousness and to transcend negative ego/separative /fear based consciousness
  • personal power and self-mastery
  • invulnerability
  • to keep your bubble of protection up
  • detachment
  • to respond instead of react
  • preference instead of attachment
  • to look at things as preferences instead of attachments
  • to look at things as Spiritual tests and lessons
    self love
  • that an attack shows they are coming from fear and fear is a call for love and you give them that love
  • to set a better example
  • to have a strong psychological immune system and not catch their disease
  • that you cause your own reality and you are not a victim
  • to communicate in a centered, calm, rational, loving manner
  • to turn the other cheek
  • forgiveness
  • unconditional love
  • non-judgmentalness
  • defenselessness
  • harmlessness
  • humility
  • even-mindedness
  • to transcend negative ego duality and demonstrate that you are unaffected by profit or loss, pleasure or pain, sickness or health, victory or defeat, praise or criticism – in all things you remain the same!

My Beloved Readers, these are just a few of the lessons God and your Higher Self are teaching you through this experience. Would you not agree that this person is your master teacher teaching you all these lessons? Would you not agree this is a great blessing to have the opportunity to practice and set this more Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha example? Would you not agree there are no accidents in the universe and that if it happened it happened for a reason, which is to teach you something you need to learn?

So instead of cursing this person and seeing this as an unsupportive relationship, if you see the relationship through God and your Higher Self’s Eyes this is a great blessing to have this opportunity to learn all these lessons. So if seen clearly you should be blessing this person, and should be having compassion for the fact they are living in fear and calling out for love in a misguided fashion. Realizing this you do not take the situation personally. Instead of attacking back you surprise the heck out of their negative ego and you give them the most compassionate love they have ever received. Their negative ego will be totally speechless for they were expecting an attack. Since you are the cause of your reality and you are invulnerable, what they did has absolutely no effect on you!

So my Beloved Readers, after reading this chapter and lesson would you not agree that this Spiritual test or lesson or relationship is a supportive one? What has made it a supportive relationship is not the other person changing for that is unlikely. What has made it a supportive relationship is the change in your consciousness. You may even find that by setting such a Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha example that broken dish may actually mend as well! Either way the relationship has become supportive because of your change of consciousness to see the situation from God’s and your Higher Self’s Eyes rather than from the eyes of the negative ego or third-dimensional personality.

So let it be written. So let it be done.