One of the most important lessons in the 21st century is for all of us to develop our mental faculties. Why? Because transitioning from emotional to mental polarization and thus from victimhood to masterhood is a requirement for us to take the next step in our evolution.

Part of developing our mental faculties involves the organization of our mental body and so I’d like to take this opportunity here and now and share with you one strategy to help you organize your thinking.

Order is God’s first law for creation. If we live a disordered life we cannot expect to have an orderly mind.

One way to start organizing our thinking is to start organizing our life. When we organize our outer life, we set up a rhythm of order and regularity that helps to organize our mind. How come? Well, we automatically focus our mind on whatever we do. Thus, when we organize our outer life, we naturally organize our thought life.

Practically speaking, what that means is, establish a daily schedule for whatever you have to do: work, health, family, etc. If you do things at regular hours – that is: rhythmically – your mind will soon assume the habit of orderly thinking.

Give it a try and see for yourself! Have a definite time to get up in the morning and go to bed at night, a definite time to eat and take your supplements, have a regular time for exercise and set aside a specific time to work on your Spiritual growth and evolution.

Organize your outer life and you will be amazed how this simple strategy will help you organize your thought life. Remember, order is nature’s first law. Mental mastery begins with an orderly mind.

ACTION STEP: Get out your Spiritual Growth Book and establish a daily schedule for whatever you have to do daily: family, health, work, social life, Spiritual growth-wise, etc. Stick to your schedule for 40 days. You will be amazed 🙂

TURN YOUR PROBLEMS INTO PROJECTS: Do you need help organizing your thinking by organizing your life, or do you have personal problems and challenges that you would like to solve quickly, masterfully and joyfully by turning them into inspiring projects and catalysts for Spiritual growth? Or would you just like some help stepping into self-mastery and speeding up your evolutionary journey? If so, you may book a one-to-one coaching appointment with Gloria HERE