Self-love Visualization

//Self-love Visualization

Self-love Visualization

Begin by imagining a beautiful nature scene. Visualize and imagine yourself as smiling, happy, joyous, loving and at peace with yourself and the world. Look around your nature scene and enjoy the colors, smells, sounds and feeling of being in harmony with nature.

Next, imagine one of your favorite pets being with you in your nature scene. See the pet come up to you and give you love and affection. Then imagine that your best friend is walking toward you from the distance and is carrying a 6 month old infant. See yourself greeting your friend and giving him a hug and talking a little bit.

Your friend asks you to babysit this infant for a couple of hours. He carefully and gently hands you the infant. See your friend leaving and promising to return within two hours. See yourself holding, rocking and giving love to this beautiful baby.

Next, realize that this infant is really the inner child within you. You have a choice as to how you are going to parent this child within. You not only have a child within you, but also a parent within. You are that parent now who has a choice as to how you are going to raise this infant, that is you. The ideal is to give firmness and unconditional love. Firmness and love create a well adjusted inner child.

The other options are to be the critical or overly firm parent or the permissive spoiling parent to yourself. If you are too critical with this inner child, it will grow up feeling unworthy, incapable and unloved. If you are too permissive this child will grow up spoiled and inflated. The key question is: How do you want “you” to grow up? Make this choice now and give this firmness and unconditional love to this infant that is you as a baby.

Now imagine that five years have gone by and this little child that is you is playing in your nature scene. Again practice being this ideal parent to yourself. Talk to the child and tell it how you feel about it. Now imagine that ten more years have passed and this child that is you is an adolescent of fifteen. Be the parent you want to be to this teenager.

Now imagine that this adolescent has now grown to your present age. See yourself as you look and are now. Recognize that you are still parenting this adult person within you. Now that this child has grown to be the adult you, have you thrown unconditional love and firmness out the window?

Make a choice right now to communicate with yourself to get back to the right relationship to yourself. Go up to yourself and give yourself a big hug, recognizing that this is, in truth, your best friend. Apologize to yourself for being so hard on yourself in the past. Forgive your parental self for its mistakes and forgive the adult child self for its mistakes.

Tell yourself what kind of relationship you want to have from now on. Make a choice to live in the now and get a fresh start from this moment forward. Make a choice to look at the past as positive experiences because you now choose to look at everything that happened as opportunities to grow.

Give yourself approval and acceptance because you now recognize that mistakes are positive, not negative. Tell your child/adult self that you love him unconditionally from now on instead of conditionally. Tell him that you are not going to base your love on what he does but rather on the fact that he was created by God, so of course he has value and worth regardless of mistakes or successes.

See the consciousness, the “I,” the person, the spiritual being now, as differentiated from behavior, mistakes, successes, personality, physical body, thoughts, feelings, emotions, or content of consciousness. Make a commitment to yourself from this moment forward to form this right relationship to yourself.

Take time now to have a heart to heart talk with yourself to come to a place of treating yourself spiritually and with love. Take the time now to talk out all unfinished business, unclarity, faulty thinking or incompleteness, so that when this meditation is over, there is a fresh start and rebirth in your relationship to yourself.

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Dr Joshua David Stone
Dr Joshua David Stone, the founder of the I AM University, was one of the most influential Spiritual teachers, leaders and forerunners of our time. He had a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and was a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in California, USA. He made his mark in the Consciousness Community as a prolific writer and introduced inspired ideas such as striving for “integrated full spectrum prism consciousness” to unfold and reveal the fullness of our Divine Potential and transcending the negative ego mind as a requirement to realize our Divine Self. He was a pioneer in the field of Spiritual psychology and authored the concept of integrated ascension as well as the noble ideal of striving to become an Integrated Ascended (Enlightened) Master, both terms which he coined to stress the importance of mastering and integrating the Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly aspects of self to follow an integrated and balanced approach to Self Realization.


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