Nothing is more important for the unfoldment of our Spiritual light and potential than the elimination of the old. We must learn to let go of old limiting thoughts, desires and belief systems and make room for all the wonderful new things we have desired, prayed and worked for.

What we need to do is take the initiative to cast away old, limiting thoughts that have put us where we are, and in their place we must deliberately put new thoughts, plans and ideas that promise to improve our condition.

In other words, there must be a constant elimination of the old in order to keep up with the natural, gradual unfoldment of our Divine potential. However, this process of elimination must be deliberately undertaken with clear purpose and ongoing initiative. Old, limiting thoughts and belief systems won’t just go away. We must put them away!

How do we put them away? By denying them!
How do we put new, uplifting thoughts and belief systems in their place? By affirming them!

Denial and affirmation is a fundamental process in nature that enables us to get into resonance with all that we truly desire. We must deny that which we don’t want to experience in life and affirm that which we do want to experience in life. Old, limiting thoughts must be denied and the mind purified in preparation before the affirmative Christ consciousness can come in. As we continually deny the limitations of the material, the spiritual has a chance to reveal itself. The new can’t come in if we cling to the old. Therefore, we must release the old and invite in the new.

Release all thoughts of lack, illness and unhappiness and nourish thoughts of plenty, health and happiness. We literally live and move and have our being in a sea of inexhaustible substance that we mould into real, tangible things by the very power of our thoughts and sincere desire. The secret to health, joy and happiness lies in our thoughts and deep seated desires. The secret is to deny thoughts of lack, illness and unhappiness by simply refusing to entertain them and instead to entertain ONLY thoughts of joy, abundance, peace and happiness. Persistently! And for a sufficient period of time to allow the world around us to adjust itself accordingly.

Therefore, here is your assignment: For the next 30 days joyfully think only of that which you truly wish to experience in life. All day long! Don’t fight undesirable thoughts, just switch the channel and think of something that makes you happy. Do this for 30 days as if your life depended on it, because it does. This simple exercise will miraculously change your life for the better. Give it a try!