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Why we should not practice Hatha Yoga today

Hatha yoga was created back in Lemuria, some 18 million years ago, with the goal in mind to help humanity evolve the dense physical body and synchronize it with its higher component, the etheric body, so that it could eventually be operated and controlled by the indwelling Spirit. Matter has a life of its own. [...]

The Discipline of Self-Observation

Our current evolutionary goal right now is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. Being Soul conscious involves the realization that the we are not our body, not our emotions, and also not our thoughts. Right now, if we sincerely analyze ourselves, we will come to the conclusion that we actually are identified with [...]

Sports and Competition in Sports from a Spiritual Perspective

Since the Olympic Games are going on in London right now, I thought it could be an interesting idea to share a few thoughts about sports and competition in sports from a Spiritual perspective. Many people think that competition is all bad, however, that is not always the case. From a higher or more intuitive [...]

Fun on the Spiritual Path, Dalai Lama and Prayer

Hi there. This week His Holiness, the Dalai Lama visited Austria. He also stopped by in Salzburg so I decided to go. And I have to say, I just absolutely love him. He has such a beautiful and pure Spirit, and he has such a joyful, fun and sweet personality. I just love how he [...]


To move out of the lower self into the Higher Self, we need to monitor our self-talk and replace disempowering messages with empowering messages. Thoughts are magnets. Words are forces. The thoughts we think, the words we say, the self-talk we engage in, all have a definite effect. Disempowering self-talk magnetically pulls us down whereas empowering self-talk magnetically lifts us up. So, by affirming that every day, in every way, we are getting better, more confident, more egoless, more enlightened, healthier, happier, etc., we are creating a corresponding magnetic force field around us that has the power to lift us out of our lower self into our Higher Self. Our autosuggestions were created with this greater goal in mind.

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Dance Meditations

The Soul controls its instrument – mental, emotional and physical body – through the imposition of a regular rhythm. No one on Earth can evade rhythm. Rhythm is an expression of the Seventh Ray of Ceremony, or Law and Order. Rhythm brings law and order into our lives, and since humanity as a whole now stands under the growing, potent influence of the Seventh Ray, the power and significance of rhythm will continue to grow more and more prominent as the incoming Seventh Ray is slowly but surely imposing order and a new rhythm upon our lives. To help create awareness for the power of rhythm and rhythmic living, for the presence of Seventh Ray energy in our lives and also for the Soul’s goal to impose its rhythm upon our personality, we have designed a creative Soul Rhythm Dance Meditation series that combines the rhythm of sound with the meditation on Soul characteristics.

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