We live and move and have our being in a sea of thoughts. Given our current point in evolution – we are still mostly emotionally polarized – we do not so much consciously produce constructive thoughts as unconsciously engage in vagrant thoughts floating around in the surrounding thought atmosphere.

Mind is mental substance. Our mental body is a portion of that omnipresent mind substance that is available to each one of us to be creative and produce. However, most of us don’t use this substance to be consciously creative. Most of us are rather used by it. Thoughts from the surrounding thought atmosphere come to us and will often torment us. We pick up an unsupportive thought and spend hours engaging it or fighting it, without even realizing it. As a result, the outer world determines our inner world (when it should be the other way around).

The Soul is not the master of its instrument. The instrument is the master of the Soul.

Our current evolutionary goal is for each and everyone of us to become Soul-aware in the here and now, to identify with the Soul (and Spirit) and to use our bodies, from the inside out, for an evolutionary purpose in service of Spirit and humanity. So, to reach this goal we need to start getting serious about mental mastery and control.

Now, if we want to get serious about mastering and controlling our mind, how should we proceed?

Well, we may start the process of mental mastery and control (which is a science in and of itself) by beginning the practice of concentration. This is something we can do throughout the day. We don’t need to put aside time to practice concentration (even though that would be a good idea indeed). As you engage in some work during the course of the day, just give it your full attention and focus on whatever you are doing to the exclusion of everything else. This is concentration. Concentration is to be present and focused.

When we focus on something, when we give it our full attention, there is no waste and no friction, there is just the efficient use of energy. When we are concentrated and focused on some work and do it with all the love and light and devotion in our heart (!), then vagrant thoughts in the surrounding thought atmosphere are automatically being repelled by our force field (our aura).

When we lovingly and joyfully concentrate on some work, our mind is actively engaged – and doing the work with love and joy in our heart, we are actively engaged in a high-vibratory work of love, no matter how mundane the activity may appear. When we are actively engaged in a work of love, we make our force field positive to the environment, which means: the low-vibratory environment can’t get into our high-vibratory force field.

However, when we sleepwalk through life with no goal and no purpose, we make our mind negative and passive to the environment, which means: we’ll soak in whatever is floating around in the surrounding thought atmosphere.

The first leads to mastery, the latter leads to victimhood.

The secret to mental mastery and control is to deliberately become mentally active in service of love and light and wisdom.

ACTION STEP: For the next seven days, practice giving your full attention to whatever you are doing, to the exclusion of everything else that may be going on around you, and do whatever you are doing with all the love and joy in your heart. If you are really serious about mental mastery and control, also take some time in the morning or in the evening, close your eyes, relax and strive to hold a thought for a minute (expand to 3 minutes, 5 minutes etc.). Try to hold the thought with the power of your will and do not grant entrance to any unwanted intruders.

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