Everything on Earth as in Heaven happens according to law. The Earth’s rotation around its own axis, the movement of the planets around the sun, the growth of the grain of mustard seed, changes in the positions of electrons in the forming and breaking of chemical bonds between atoms, feelings of attraction and/or repulsion between two people etc. are all the result of laws in operation.

We don’t live in a random universe.

When we study books on biology, physics and chemistry, what we’ll learn is that everything in nature is governed by laws. And one of the most fundamental laws in nature is the law of attraction and repulsion.

Take for example water. The chemical formula of water is H2O: one molecule of water = 1 oxygen atom + 2 hydrogen atoms. They stick together because they are covalently bonded. A so-called chemical bond is a permanent “attraction between atoms”. What we see here, in essence, is a form of love.

What I am trying to say is that the law of attraction and repulsion is all around us and it is in operation in every single cell of our body. Natural scientists have been studying these laws for centuries and we have learned to work with them. We don’t wonder why the apple “falls down“ from the tree and why it does not “fall up” into the sky, because we have learned to understand that there is such a thing as gravitational „attraction”.

Now, the next step for us is to realize that just like the physical world is operating according to laws, so do the emotional and mental worlds in which we live simultaneously, whether we realize it or not.

We can’t see our thoughts and we can’t see our desires and emotions, and yet no one on Earth would say that they don’t think, that they don’t feel, and that they don’t desire. And even though we may not realize it (yet) or find it hard to believe it to be true, our thoughts, emotions, desires, words and actions are also all governed by laws.

We have not yet fully figured out these laws and are only starting to become aware of them, and this is why things sometimes appear to be unjust and not right, however, nothing ever happens by chance because all of life is governed by laws. And one of the laws of the mind is that whatever we think about, whatever we fear or have faith in, we attract into our life (=law of attraction).

The reason why our lives are so chaotic is because we have no control over our thoughts, desires, emotions, words and actions which are all forces which we continually wield. Not realizing that we live in a world of energies and forces, we wield them unconsciously and in a confused and self-contradictory way, and this is why the world does not make any sense to us, why things seem to happen „out of the blue,“ why „bad“ things happen to „good“ people, why the world appears to be unjust, why we feel so stuck, and why we so often stand in our own way.

However, as we learn to go within and begin to compare the world around us with our predominant thoughts, desires, words, and deeds, we will begin to see that we each live in a world of our own making, that nothing but our own can come to us. Why?

Because we don’t live in a random universe. We live in a universe that is governed by laws 🙂

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