Education in the Age of Awakening

The word education comes from the Latin educere, „ex“ meaning „out“ and „ducere“ meaning „to lead.“ Hence, „to lead out, bring out, lead forth.“

Education, in its truest understanding, is supposed to lead us:

  • out of the Unreal to the Real
  • out of limitation into expansion
  • out of darkness into the light
  • out of death into immortality
  • out of the past into the future
  • out of our human nature into our divine nature
  • out of the 4th Kingdom (the human kingdom) into the 5th Kingdom (the Spiritual or awake kingdom)

Education means to lead us forward on the arc of evolution, forward towards the next step on the path of awakening, which is – for us – the entrance into the Fifth Kingdom.

The Fifth Kingdom is a Soul-conscious species.

Understanding the big picture

One of the first and prime objectives of the new education in the Age of Awakening is the enunciation of the bigger picture and future of humanity so we may understand the deeper purpose of our life and design our lives accordingly. Where are we heading, as a human family? What is our future? What is the next step?

Our collective destination needs to be clearly articulated or else we will continue to meander aimlessly through life. All our problems – in one form or another – have their roots in us not understanding the purpose of life and where we are heading.

So where are we heading? What‘s the next step?

If you think about it, history beautifully chronicles the evolution of humanity. History illustrates and visualizes how we keep evolving and progressing as we pass through the ages. We are certainly more advanced today than we were back in the Middle Ages, aren‘t we?

As we pass through each age, we keep growing and advancing, as a human family – physically/energetically, emotionally, mentally, Spiritually, socially, etc. As we live through the years, the decades, the centuries and millennia, slowly but steadily, the spirit of man systematically unfolds all the beautiful attributes of the divine – and a close look at history will both reveal and confirm this.

Birthing a new, more advanced species

Now, realizing that the spirit of man keeps progressing upon the Path of Evolution, systematically and sequentially revealing the attributes of the divine as we evolve through the various epochs of history, what are we growing into in the 21st century? What are we going to reveal in the New Age?

We are growing to become Soul conscious. We are going to reveal the Soul. That‘s why the  21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. It shall go down in history as the age in which the masses awoke to Soul consciousness in their brain awareness, thereby collectively externalizing the next kingdom on Earth, the Kingdom of Awakened Souls.

If we look around in our world, we will notice that we are not the only kingdom evolving on Earth. There is the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the human kingdom. So, there are currently four kingdoms evolving on Earth.

When the human family begins to awaken to Soul consciousness in their brain awareness, we are doing nothing less than collectively giving birth to a whole new species, a species that is more advanced – Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically/energetically – than our current human family.

We are giving birth to an entirely new kingdom on Earth, the Fifth Kingdom.

The Fifth Kingdom is the Kingdom of Awakened Souls. Revealing and actualizing this Kingdom, or species (if you prefer this term), is our current collective evolutionary goal. It needs to be clearly articulated so we may understand where we are heading and take intelligent action to proceed towards it.

The more of us who understand and ponder our evolutionary goal and realize that we are collectively birthing a new, higher evolved species of human being, the more we can strengthen the collective thought form of our evolutionary goal which in turn shall impress itself upon the thinking of humanity and thus help give birth to the Age of Awakening.

Let’s take the next step in our evolution.

Transforming humanity through higher education

Now, to ensure that humanity reaches its evolutionary goal for the 21st century and successfully externalizes this new advanced species or kingdom, there arises a need for an inner education that supplements our outer education. There arises a need for an inner education that is capable of transforming us. Education, in its truest understanding, is a tool for transformation. It is a tool to transform man into an awakened Soul and thus birth citizens for the Fifth Kingdom. That‘s the purpose of education in the 21st century. Part of the objective of the educational curriculum of the 21st century is, therefore, to provide the tools and introduce the subject matters necessary to initiate this transformation so it may fulfill its purpose of changing man. As Buddha said, „The only constant in life is change.“ Just as we are evolving, our educational system needs to evolve along with us. To evolve our education means to evolve its goal and purpose, not just the technology and furniture.

The purpose of education should be:

  • to direct our focus on the evolution of the indwelling life – the life within the form – and not just on the form per se,
  • to inspire the human family to strive towards perfection, which is our ultimate evolutionary goal, and to serve accordingly – with this greater purpose in mind,
  • to inspire the human family to become their own master and strive towards beauty, love, oneness, goodness, righteousness and service,
  • to change and transform man into an awakened Soul and actualized Monad,
  • to prepare the human family for the entrance into the next higher kingdom;

Education needs a new vision: The vision of personal and global transformation as a means to birth a new higher species of man.

Complementing outer education with inner education

To bring about this transformation, we need to complement (not replace) the currently existing outer education with an education of our inner life.

We need to complement the currently existing horizontal education, which occupies itself with the outer world, with a vertical education, which occupies itself with the inner world and the reality of the Soul.

We need to complement the lower concrete education which speaks to our lower concrete mind, with higher abstract education that speaks to our higher mind.

We need to complement the currently existing field of education with new advanced methods and systems of thought and of life which have the capacity to link an individual not just to other individuals upon Earth but also to the world of Souls, the kingdom which it is our evolutionary destiny to enter.

Education, in its truest sense, is the training necessary to cope with the existing conditions and precipitate a new enlightened world. It is the process whereby man receives the information necessary to be a valuable citizen in the world of which he is an integrated unit and a wise parent to their offspring. Therefore, in the words of Djwhal Khul, „the coming education could be defined in a new and broader sense as the Science of Right Human Relations and of Social Organization.“

We need a new educational curriculum that provides more suitable methods of studying the human being, a new educational system that recognizes the Law of Rebirth as a natural process in life and the existence of Esoteric Astrology as a conditioning fact in reality.

The Science of Soul Psychology, the Science of the Seven Rays, and the Science of the Spiritual Constitution of Man all need to be brought to the attention of the public consciousness and enter the curriculum of public schooling.

This integrated and advanced curriculum, which again shall complement and not replace the currently existing curriculum taught in schools, will produce properly coordinated, wisely developed, highly intelligent and mentally polarized individuals. However, before such an integrated curriculum can realistically become part of the public school system it has to be brought to the attention of the public through other, minor channels. The I AM University seeks to serve as one such channel (among many).

Preparing humanity to meet the challenges of the 21st century

In short, if we want to take the next step in our evolution and become a Soul-conscious species – a species that is aware of our collective oneness and eternity – then obviously the life and nature of the Soul and of the Divine Presence in man have to be included in the educational curriculum.

Currently, this is not the case. Therefore, our educational service is incomplete and inadequate to help us solve the problems of our age and take the next step in our collective evolutionary unfoldment.

As Albert Einstein once said, „We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.“

To solve our current problems and meet the challenges of the 21st century, we need a more expanded perspective and a new way of thinking.

This more expanded perspective involves the thinking of a higher authority within us, the thinking of the Soul. Therefore, techniques and methods to establish Soul contact and Soul relationships need to be made available.

The vision to then employ our collective Soul consciousness to rebuild the political, educational, economic and social structures on Earth and evolve all life on Earth so there may be – possibly for the first time in human history – peace, love and abundance for ALL people on Earth, needs to be broadcast into the mental sphere and nurtured into a collective thoughtform that has the power to bring about this transformation of all life on Earth. The emerging new consciousness demands for such a vision and aches for such a curriculum.

Finding new answers to our age-old questions

The human family is awakening to the reality that there is more to life than mere physical existence. That realization gives birth to a million questions, such as:

  • If I am not my physical body, then who am I? If I am not my physical body, then why do I have a body and why should I take good care of it? What is a body anyway? Do I really have more than one? If yes, what for, why can‘t I see them and how can I know with certainty that this idea of having multiple bodies is not just plain fantasy and illusion?
  • Who or what is this „I“ that I am?
  • How can I be truly happy?
  • What happens when I die? Where did my loved ones go? Why, if death is possibly indeed an illusion, can‘t I contact my loved ones who have already passed away?
  • Why is there, seemingly, so much injustice in our world?
  • What actually is an emotion? Why do emotions sometimes just overcome me out of the blue? How can I get on top of my emotions? Is there a way at all?
  • What is thinking, what is a thought, what is a thought form? Why do I think? Who does the thinking when I think? And what does my thinking produce? And why does it produce?
  • If indeed there is something like a higher abstract mind on top of the lower concrete mind that I am faintly aware of, how can I cultivate and develop them both? And what will it do for me? Why did nobody tell me that there is a higher aspect to my mind? Why did my educators in school not teach me anything valuable about my mind? And by the way, what IS mind?
  • Why is school on Earth so obsessed with memory training and so little concerned about teaching students how to actually think – and think for themselves?
  • How can I master my mind and why should I strive to do so?
  • What is Soul and what is Monad? What is Personality? And what do these three words have to do with me?
  • What is intuition and how can I develop it? What will developing my intuition do for me anyway?
  • What is telepathy and how can I develop myself in this capacity? And what will it do for me and my ability to serve?
  • Why is service the law of life? Why is evolution without service not possible?
  • How can I develop right relationships in my life? How is it possible that some people just drive me up the wall? How can I get such situations under control?
  • What actually IS life?
  • How can I make the Divine Self, which I am, take command of my mental, emotional and physical bodies? And how come my bodies have a life of their own and end up running my life if I, the indweller, don‘t take command?
  • Why do different countries have a different character? Why is Germany known for its discipline and Brazil for its colorfulness and good dance moves?
  • What is the Antahkarna and why do I have to build it? What does it do for me? And, by the way, how do I build it?
  • How can I step into my beingness?
  • Why did Jesus speak in parables?
  • Where do ideas come from?
  • Why are we, speaking of humanity as a whole, so emotional and emotionally polarized? And why is it so difficult for us to sit down and think?
  • What does it mean to become mentally polarized and why should I strive to do so?
  • Why does the hardware and software of my computer sooner or later always become outdated and constantly need to be updated and renewed? And how does this idea relate to my own evolution?
  • How can I expand my consciousness and why should I strive to do so? What is consciousness anyway?
  • What is the subconscious mind and why does the definition of the subconscious mind evolve along with our evolution?
  • How can we put an end to crime, drugs and prostitution in the world? How do people turn into criminals? What are drugs and what do they do to the human Soul? Why are prostitution and pornography so rampant in this world?
  • Why do we go through a midlife crisis and other crises in life?
  • Why is humanity so obsessed with sex? What actually happens when two people make love with each other? And why is sexual license not supportive of our evolution?
  • What is truth and what is illusion? How can I know one from the other?
  • What is the difference between group consciousness and mass consciousness and why do I need to know?
  • What is the purpose of meditation? How could the science of meditation possibly help me solve my problems and the problems of humanity?
  • What is the purpose of visualization? How can I know all this is not pure fantasy?
  • Why is cancer so rampant in this world today and what can we do about it?
  • Why do we have the problems we have in this world? Physical, emotional and mental? Why do so many people all over the world run amok? Why do we have so many wars on Earth? What is the deeper reason for all of this?
  • Why do I have dreams at night?
  • What is an epidemic?
  • What is weather? Why do we have weather on Earth and why has the weather become so extreme on Earth?
  • What do biology, physics and chemistry have to do with Spirit, matter and consciousness?
  • What is the deeper meaning of the emergence of the internet and of the success of social media?
  • What is yoga? What is the purpose of it? Why are there so many branches of yoga?
  • What is evolution all about? Why do we have an evolutionary goal if apparently we were created in the perfect image and likeness of our Creator? By the way, how can I know for myself that there is indeed some kind of Creator? There are atheists in this world. What if they are right?
  • How come some people in this world don‘t believe in evolution when it is happening before our very eyes?
  • How come there are hundreds of different branches of philosophy, forms of psychology, branches of religion? What actually IS a philosophy, a political party, a religion, and why do some people feel drawn to one and some to the other?
  • Why can music heal? Why can words hurt?
  • How can I actualize my inner potential? What does this potential look like and where is it stored?
  • Why do the cells that make up my body constantly renew themselves? What for? Why does humanity constantly renew itself through daily deaths and births? What for? Is there possibly a relationship between the two?
  • What is the problem with the New Age? Why is there so much contradiction in the New Age, and why does nobody take so-called „New Age people“ seriously (apart from the „New Age people“ themselves)?
  • Why, looking at history, do civilizations come and go?
  • Why do we have glands and force centers? What are they good for? Why do we have a nervous system and what actually makes the heart beat?
  • What exactly determines the glandular activity and chemistry in my body?
  • Where does the electricity on Earth and in my body come from?
  • How come concentrating on a problem helps me to solve it? What is concentration anyway?
  • Where do our babies come from? And why do all children on Earth go through the same evolutionary stages in their earlier development (ie: terrible twos)?
  • What‘s the secret about our genes? What exactly determines our genetic code?
  • What is the purpose of developing my character and why is systematic character development essential to my Spiritual unfoldment? What is character anyway? And what does my character say about myself?
  • What is a genius? How come there are Teslas, Einsteins and Michaelangelos? And why aren‘t all of us as intelligent and advanced?
  • Why do some people believe in reincarnation or life after death while other‘s don‘t? What determines our individual and collective beliefs?
  • How can I actualize my Divinity and what exactly does that mean?´´

In conclusion

As we begin to awaken to the reality that there is more to life than meets the physical eye, there literally alights a million questions within us which our current educational system is unable to provide the answers for. Therefore, there is a demand in this world for a new higher education that is capable of providing the answers to these and many more questions.

There is a need for new higher universities and educational institutions all over the world that produce enlightened masters, leaders and pioneers who understand the evolutionary goal of the time and can lead humanity towards it. The I AM University seeks to help in this endeavor which shall be a group effort involving the love, wisdom, power and active intelligence of all of humanity.

In conclusion, education is supposed to change and transform us. As we individually transform our human nature and step into our divine nature, we cannot but collectively give birth to a new enlightened world of love, peace, joy, harmony, love and abundance for all. We cannot but give birth to a whole new species, a species that is aware of its immortality and eternity. A species that is Soul-aware and awake.

Are you ready to help birth this new advanced species of man? Are you ready to transform yourself and allow your inner divine potential to blossom and bloom? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Namaste. – Gloria –