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Date Festival Central European Time Australian Capital Territory USA Eastern Standard
Jan 2 Capricorn 03:24 12:24 21:24(-)
Jan 31 Aquarius 14:26 23:26 08:26
Mar 2 Pisces 01:51 10:51 19:51(-)
Mar 31 Aries (Easter) 13:36 22:36 07:36
Apr 30 Taurus (Wesak) 01:58 10:58 19:58(-)
May 29 Gemini (Christ Festival and World Invocation Day) 15:19 00:19(+) 09:19
Jun 28 Cancer 05:52 14:52 23:52(-)
Jul 27 Leo 21:20 06:20(+) 15:20
Aug 26 Virgo 12:56 21:56 06:56
Sep 25 Libra 03:52 12:52 21:52(-)
Oct 24 Scorpio 17:45 02:45(+) 11:45
Nov 23 Sagittarius 06:39 15:39 00:39
Dec 22 Capricorn 18:48 03:48(+) 12:48


(-) indicates the day previous to the date stated in column 1.
(+) indicates the day following the date stated in column 1.
(#) indicates a full eclipse near to the time of the new or full moon.
(^) indicates partial or annular eclipses near to the time of the new or full moon. Please note that the dates and times for eclipses are not given above.
* In 2016 the dates for British Summer Time are 27th March to 30th October.
When and where British Summer Time is in use, add one hour to the above times.
** The astrological sign shown in this column is the sign relating to the sun rather than the moon.

Full Moon data gratefully derived from Lucis Trust.


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