Our current evolutionary goal, as individuals and as a species, is to grow Soul-aware in the here and now – to live in the here and now with the awareness of being Soul, occupying a body.

Now, there is no way to grow Soul-aware in the here and now without concentrating on and identifying with the Soul. How are we supposed to grow Soul-aware if we never think about the Soul?

Concentration is singleness of thought to the point of realization. Our goal is to realize the Soul, to make it real, to identify with it. Therefore, we need to concentrate on the Soul.

Soul and Higher Self are synonymous terms. Ask yourself, „How would my Higher Self act in this situation?“ And then act accordingly. This is how you harmonize and synchronize your lower nature with your higher nature.

We live in a world of energies and forces. When we live out of the lower self, we use our forces in a way that leads towards involution or densification. When we live out of the Higher Self, we use our energies and forces in a way that leads towards evolution or sublimation. We have an evolutionary goal, not an involutionary goal. We always want to reach higher, not lower.

So when we listen to the voice of the Higher Self and concentrate on its advice, we use our energies for a higher, evolutionary purpose, and all these energies we will take with us when it’s time for us to go. With these higher energies and forces we literally build our Soul Body that we will occupy when we are done here on Earth.

So, concentrate on harmonizing and synchronizing your whole being with your Divine Nature. This is one of the best things you can do because one thing is certain: Our time here on Earth is limited. We won’t occupy this body for all of eternity unless we manage to turn it into light. But I am not sure if our generation is ready to do that just yet because for the light of the Soul to shine forth and through our bodies, this requires major purification of our matter aspect that veils the light of the Soul. I actually created a whole training on the subject called, „The Science of Purification.“ It will come out in the near future.

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