We live in a world of energies and forces. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. So the only way to get „rid“ of fear is to „transform“ it into joy and happiness.
Fear is short for „false evidence appearing real.“ The false evidence appearing real is the „evidence“ mediated by our „senses“ that we are indeed separate from Source, however it is a „false“ evidence. It is not true. In other words, we did not manage to do the impossible, namely separate ourselves from Source. In other words, our fears are illusions. However, they feel real because whatever we vibrate with our bodies feels real to us.
Our bodies are in a constant state of vibration – AND – it is via these vibrations that information about the external world reaches the resident who lives in this house of vibrations: the Soul. 

We are not our bodies, we as Souls are just residing in these bodies. And the vibration of our bodies determines what we as Soul, what we as resident, are able to register of the world around us.

We are surrounded by unthinkable beauty but we don’t realize it because our bodies are unable to vibrate in harmony with these beauties, and that is why they don’t exist for us as Souls in physical bodies, even though they are there.

They don’t exist for us because our bodies are too coarse, they are too dense to vibrate in harmony with these higher realities. What mostly exists for humanity is lack, death, separation, fear, worry and despair. And the reason why these things exist for us is traceable to the very denseness and heaviness of our bodies.
Our bodies (=matter aspect) are set in vibration by all the fears and worries of this world because our bodies are still predominantly composed of low frequency atoms which, by their very nature, are only capable of vibrating along with the fears and worries of this world.
To get rid of fear we need to shake out these lower atoms from our lower bodies – and we accomplish that by raising our consciousness (=Soul aspect). Think of the various frequencies of matter (our physical/emotional and mental bodies are each made up of various gradations of physical/astral/mental matter) as different floors in a skyscraper. And think of the Soul as someone that travels from one floor to the next. To get rid” of the lower atoms in your bodies you need to raise your consciousness (=step into the elevator and get up to the next floor). By raising your consciousness you lose resonance with the lower frequencies. The only way to get out of a lower frequency is to elevate your consciousness/step into the elevator and go up to a higher floor.
How do you do that practically? You generate joy and happiness and enthusiasm inside of you by thinking ELEVATING thoughts, by being absolutely joyful and grateful about everything, by practicing UPLIFTING/positive self-talk etc. This is how you, as the Soul, use the elevator in a correct way: by thinking/feeling/speaking ELEVATING thoughts, feelings, words, deeds etc. This is what ELEVATES you as Soul. You can listen to inspiring music or to an inspiring person – and that may serve as an outer trigger to help you get up a notch by setting up a temporary vibration in your bodies (and I recommend that!) but to STAY THERE on your own you need to generate it within. 
So to get into joy and happiness and enthusiasm you have to GENERATE it within yourself. Dont wait for anyone or anything outside of you to make you happy and enthusiastic. You have to generate it within yourself. Then the vibration belongs to you, it is yours. Then you will have moved up to a higher level. 
Life is electromagnetic in nature. The trillions of cells, making up your body, are held together by the electromagnetism of your Soul. 
Our thinking and feeling is mostly just a habit. And a habit is an electromagnetic force. That is why in order to break a habit it takes initially discipline and effort (the word effort comes from the Latin word for force; remember: we live in a world of energies and forces) to „break“ it, however, after a little while, the new habit will create a new electromagnetic force and help you stay positive and in high-vibration by habit. So it only takes a few days of iron discipline to be absolutely enthusiastic and joyful „for no reason“ and you will have set up a new electromagnetic frequency in your bodies. By law of repulsion and resonance, the lower atoms will be shaken out from your bodies and new higher frequency atoms will be drawn into your bodies. You are literally rebuilding your bodies by doing this. And by rebuilding your bodies with new, higher frequency atoms you will soon lose resonance with the fears of the world. 

ACTION STEPS: Generate joy and happiness and enthusiasm inside of you by thinking ELEVATING thoughts, by being absolutely joyful and grateful about everything for no reason, by practicing UPLIFTING self-talk etc. For outer impulses, listen to uplifting music or work with a coach 🙂

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