• Highlight of the Year
  • A Day of Planetary World Service in Group Consciousness
  • Major Impulse to Advance on the Ladder of Evolution
  • Wesak: Time of Initiations
  • Wesak is January 1st: Beginning of a New Spiritual Year – Time to Renew Yourself
  • Wesak is Commitment and Decision Time: Build your Antahkarana
  • 5 Days of Alignment – 24 Hours of Focus
  • How to Prepare for Wesak
  • Three Centers: Shamballa, Hierarchy, Humanity
  • The Divine Plan is an Energy Formula: Energy Assimilation through Service


The Festival of Wesak is celebrated on the full moon of Taurus (full moon when the sun is in Taurus). At the hour of the full moon, the light volume of the sun is at its optimum and it is this energy of the sun that we seek to amplify and disseminate. As Djwhal Khul said:

The moon itself has no influence on the work; but the fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar centre, the energy source for all life on Earth. At such times we can make a definite approach to God, the Creator, the centre of life and intelligence…..

In other words, at the hour of full moon, a door is opened that gives humanity access to higher spiritual energies and forces which at other times we cannot contact. Our job is to make ourselves receptive to these energies, absorb them and share them in service.

In the East the Wesak Festival is known as the Festival of the Buddha. So at Wesak of course we also celebrate the birth and life and teachings of Buddha. It is said that the Buddha came into incarnation in Taurus and also gained enlightenment in Taurus, under the Bodhi Tree. So the Taurus Full Moon certainly deserves our attention.


Highlight of the Year

Spiritually speaking, the Festival of Wesak at the full moon during Taurus is the highlight of the year. People from around the world, from all walks and faiths, awakening to the reality of the Greater Divine Plan and inspired to actively serve that Plan, come together in Spirit and link up Spiritually, in meditation, with the greater network of lightworkers that spans around the world, as well as with the Masters of Wisdom who have been guiding humanity down the ages from behind the scenes and who, at Wesak, jointly direct all their focus and attention towards humanity.

So Wesak is the Spiritual summit of the year because of the combined focus and attention of the Masters on the inner plane as well as the aspirants, disciples and initiates on the outer plane, on the working out of the Divine Plan. This combined focus creates an alignment between the inner and outer world. The New Group of World Servers, which is composed of these incarnated aspirants, disciples and initiates as well as by every single individual who strives to establish world peace and good will on Earth, serves as a bridge between the Hierarchy and humanity and serves as a channel to ground the Spiritual impulse given at Wesak. When we actively engage in this process, we help to fuse and merge the two divine centers, Hierarchy and Humanity, into one cooperating unit. This serves to clear the way for the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the externalization of the Fifth Kingdom on Earth (which it is our evolutionary goal to enter).


A Day of Planetary World Service in Group Consciousness

Now, this annual alignment at Wesak facilitates the gradual externalization of the Divine Plan. At each Wesak, a new impulse is given to reveal the greater Divine Plan, followed by a commitment by everyone gathered to actively translate and implement that impulse. This impulse comes in the form of high-level spiritual energies and forces that are released on Earth, charging the whole atmosphere of the planet with high-level electro-magnetic energies. As we sit down in meditation, contemplation and aspiration, and consciously connect with all the lightworkers around the world, we form a gigantic network and matrix of light and energy that allows us to serve as a collective channel for these high spiritual energies and forces. In other words, collectively, as a gigantic network we draw the energies of the Taurus constellation down to Earth. Our auras are charged with these energies – and they remain in our aura and stay with us even after Wesak, continuing to work on us.

Working together in unison, we can hold a much higher frequency than anyone of us could hold individually because the energies are disseminated among all of us. So at Wesak we learn to work as a group, to step into group consciousness, and to realize ourselves as a cell in a greater body. As such, Wesak is a day of planetary world service in group consciousness. Wesak is a day where we collectively – everyone of us who deliberately directs their attention towards this greater spiritual impulse – anchor new energies on Earth.


Major Impulse to Advance on the Ladder of Evolution

We live in a world of energies. Everything is energy. To advance on the ladder of evolution, we need to anchor higher energies that help us to advance. This is what happens at Wesak. Energetically speaking, Wesak is the highlight of the year. At Wesak we can charge our vessels with the highest and finest energies that are available to us and therefore transform our consciousness and life. When we are present at Wesak and consciously connect with our Spiritual family on Earth and our Spiritual family in the higher dimensions, we can speed up our evolution in the most profound way. At Wesak, when we are really present, we can strengthen our link with our own Soul, anchor the energies of the Soul and distribute these Soul energies into the world in a very potent way. And at Wesak, we do it collectively – lightworkers from all around the world – which has a much greater impact.