Has it ever happened to you that you find yourself thinking an intrusive, negative thought over and over again, you want it to stop but you don’t know how?

What to do?

Well, here is how you deal with an intrusive, negative thought.

To begin with, never make the mistake of fighting an intrusive or undesirable thought. What we naturally try to do when we try to get rid of an objectionable thought is to fight it, hoping that we may outfight it somehow, however, this approach never works. It is futile fighting an undesirable thought. Why? Because trying to outfight an undesirable thought means to give it all of our attention. We keep the undesired thought in front of us in order to attack it. This is why this approach will never work. All it does is waste our energies and nourish the very thought we want to get rid of. That’s why it is so exhausting to engage in such fights. They are not only futile, they actually accomplish the very opposite. So, what to do?

Rather than fight an objectionable thought, just think of something else instead. Ideally, you think of something that is as far away as possible from the obtruding thought. Think of something completely different and use your will power to keep your attention focused on the desired thought.

In other words, just ignore the intruding thought. By ignoring it, you are closing the door for the undesirable thought to enter. When you fight an objectionable thought, you unconsciously let it into your house. Don’t allow negative thoughts and thieves of peace to enter your house! When you start thinking of something else (something joyful and inspiring that is attractive and uplifting) you naturally repel the negative thought.

The law of attraction is rapidly making its way into the global race consciousness, however, what is often overlooked is that there are two sides to the law of attraction: attraction and repulsion.

Thoughts of love do not just attract love but they also automatically repel vibrations of hate (for lack of vibratory harmony). Thoughts of peace do not just attract peace but they also automatically repel vibrations of war. Thoughts of health do not just magnetically attract health into our electromagnetic sphere and aura, they also naturally repel thoughts of sickness and disease.

That’s why, whenever you have to deal with an obstructive, intrusive thought, just switch the channel and think of something lovely. Your lovely thought will naturally keep obstructive thoughts at bay without you having to put up a fight.

ACTION STEP: For the next seven days watch your thoughts. Whenever you are confronted with a persistent negative thought, persistently switch to a positive thought. Do not engage in any battles, just think about something lovely. Use your will power to keep your attention focused on your lovely thought.

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