One of the most important qualities to develop on the Spiritual path is that of persistence.

Remember, we live in a world of energies and forces. Whenever we make a plan – be it a health plan, a business plan, a Spiritual growth plan, and yes, we should also have a plan for our Spiritual growth and not leave the most important thing in life to chance – so whenever we make a plan, we build a structure in subtle thought substance. That structure is a magnet that begins at once to attract its own.

As we think of this plan with joy and gratitude and as we look forward to its manifestation, we charge the magnet and give it drawing power. You see, there is a reason why the word emotion contains the word motion. Emotion makes things move. So, with emotion we charge the magnet and grow its moving powers.

And this is where persistence comes into place. Because, to persist means to continually strengthen the magnet. To persist means to attract more and more of these aiding forces.

So, persistent resolve is literally an attractive force, a force that attracts whatever is necessary to „carry out that resolve“. However, the moment we stop persisting, the attractive force loses its power. And this is why we should persist until we reach our goals. And that applies to all of our goals, especially to our current evolutionary goal to grow into a Soul-conscious species.

ACTION STEP: Make a Spiritual growth goal for any area of your life. Start with something that you can achieve within seven days. Then decide to follow through and persist until you actually reach your goal. If you need help with developing staying power and perseverance, consider working with our Perseverance Soul Power Meditation. More info

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