You have made a plan for your Spiritual growth. Now there is just one thing left to do: Begin to execute your plan.

A plan, being a thought form, is a beginning. The word beginning literally means „coming into existence.“

Beginnings may appear small and insignificant, but in reality beginnings are the most significant things in a man‘s life. Why? Because a beginning, by definition, is a cause. To begin something is to cause the movement of energy. As energy begins to move, our life begins to move. This is why every cause has an effect, and this is why every beginning leads to an end. 

The very moment we think a thought it begins to exist on the mental plane. When we begin to execute our plan, we help it to come into existence on this plane.

A fun way to execute your plan is to get a Spiritual growth book and separate each page into two columns: label them „cause“ and „effect.“

In the column „cause“ you write down the action steps you take each day.

In the column „effect“ you write down the happenings of the day.

Keep doing this for a while. You will start noticing a connection between your causes and your effects. We all intuitively and theoretically know that every cause has an effect but seeing it on paper helps us to realize on a deeper level that indeed the law of cause and effect is working in our lives. A couple of weeks ago I worked in the garden all weekend, planting all kinds of seeds. Just a week later I starting physically noticing the effects. The plan that is encoded in the genome of the seeds had begun to work its way into existence. Seeing this helped me realize on a deeper level how important it is to plant our seeds. One of the biggest problems of humanity is that we expect to reap without sowing 🙂

All things visible and invisible are subservient to this eternal law of causation. 

We can choose what causes we shall set into operation, but we cannot change the nature of effects. We can choose what thoughts to think, what words to say, what actions to take, but we cannot escape the consequences of the energies we have set in motion. Thus the secret of life is to make this law work FOR us instead of against us because effect can never be divorced from cause.

You have made a commitment to your Spiritual awakening, you have made a plan, and now it is time to execute this plan, knowing that your plan is a thought form, a cause, that will lead you to success.

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