Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul aware in our brain consciousness. As we strive towards this goal – at first unconsciously (for ages) and then eventually consciously – we all make mistakes along the way. So let us talk about mistakes for a moment.

What is a mistake? In essence, a mistake is a misuse of time, energy and matter. When we misuse our time, our energy, when we misuse the matter of our bodies that we are given to express ourselves (physical, emotional, mental), our life falls out of balance, and our job then is to restore the balance. And to restore it, we then have to make an extra effort. And that extra effort takes extra energy, extra matter, extra time, extra discipline. To lead a disciplined life means to use our time, our energy, our physical, emotional and mental bodies and energies for a greater purpose, and that greater purpose is the Divine Plan. And that greater Plan right now calls for humanity be become Soul aware in the here and now. Yet, when we make the mistake to not use our energies for this greater purpose and instead misuse our energies for the glorification of the lower self or to put others down, in essence, what we do is we delay our Spiritual growth.

When we speak negatively about ourselves or others, we misuse our energies and delay our Spiritual growth. When we misuse our sexual energy by overdoing it or just serving our lower self, we delay our Spiritual growth. When we misuse our mental energy by feeding the negative ego and attacking other people, we delay our Spiritual growth. When we misuse our energies by indulging in lower self desires and appetites, we delay our Spiritual growth.

Don’t delay your Spiritual growth by wasting your resources! If we want to grow Spiritually, if we want to become Soul aware in our brain consciousness, we need to start wielding our energies in a more conscious, deliberate and controlled way. That’s part of what it means to become Soul aware: it means to awaken to the fact that we as Souls – or consciousness indwelling a physical, emotional and mental body – have been given a certain quota of energy and time and matter to work with, and when we waste our resources by misusing them, we won’t have any resources left to serve and grow. Yet, Spiritual growth is what we are here for! We are supposed to use time, matter and energy – we are supposed use the resources we are given – to transform ourselves into Enlightened Masters and attain freedom from the wheel of rebirth.

Here is the core message: Make a deliberate effort not to waste your time, your energy, your instruments and resources. Every little thing, even just saying a word of criticism, is a waste of energy that could have been used to serve the greater purpose and greater vision of advancing humanity.

So here is your assignment: How about this week, for one full day, you make a deliberate effort to wield all your energies in service of love and light and Soul consciousness. Speak only to uplift, use your mind only to advance your life and the life of humanity, forget about lower self desires for a day and actually pay attention to the longings of the Soul. And see how that goes. And if you can see the profundity of it, make it an ongoing daily discipline.

Remember, the 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. To launch the Age of the Soul, we have to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, and to become Soul conscious in the here and now we need to start thinking like a Soul. The Soul does not waste its resources – just like nature does not waste its valuable resources. So let’s do that as well! Please think about it. I hope I could be of service to you. Namaste.