My Beloved Readers, what I am about to share with you now is one of the great secrets of the ages that very few people in this world realize, know, understand, and apply. It is such a simple understanding and makes such incredible sense that after reading this you will wonder why everyone doesn’t do this. Yet, you will not find this written about almost anywhere in this world.

Just as we each get up every morning and get consciously physically dressed, it is also of equal importance to get “consciously” dressed Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and etherically as well! You will find what I am about to say very interesting. Almost everyone when they were a child and/or adolescent and maybe even as an adult have had dreams at night while they slept of being in a classroom at school but not being dressed, or being in their underwear. This is a universal dream sequence almost everyone has had at some time in their life. The meaning of this is that in your life at the time of the dream you did not get properly Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and etherically dressed for your day.

Just as it is important to physically put on clothing to protect oneself and to make one feel good, it is of equal importance to do the same thing on a metaphysical and psychological level. Each day as you are getting dressed, or in a meditation before and after, get inwardly dressed! Claim your personal power in the form of maybe the Sword of Lord Michael.

Put on your Golden Bubble of Protection so other people’s negative energy slides off your bubble like water off a duck’s back! Put on unconditional love as maybe a red or pink rose in your heart. Put on your Three-Fold Flame of Love/ Wisdom/ Power in your Heart.
Call to God and the Masters for a Tube of Protection and maybe a Tube of the Violet Transmuting Flame. Call to God and the Masters for a Platinum Net to cleanse your energy fields. Call to God and the Masters for an Axiatonal Alignment! Call to God and the Masters to balance your Chakras and Four-Body System! Ask that your Merkabah be cleansed and properly aligned. Establish your grounding cord down your spine into the center of the Earth. Open your feet chakras and build roots from your feet into the Earth so you are connected to the Earth and receiving energy from the Earth.

Maybe visualize a dove coming down from Heaven as a connection to the Holy Spirit. Put on a Breastplate of Spiritual Armor for protection with Seven Colored Stones of each of the Seven Rays to signify the balance and integration of all the Rays. See a Yin and Yang symbol on the breastplate symbolizing your feminine/masculine and God/Goddess balance. If you are working on lessons of self-love and self-worth, you may want to wear a special necklace with a diamond heart. You may want to put golden/white light around your entire field. While you are showering in the morning, ask for a Love and Light shower as well, to cleanse your inner self.

Do you see how simple this is and how much sense this makes, yet we never think to do this.

You might want to inwardly wear beautiful robes, or the women might wear beautiful gowns and dresses! Visualize your own personal Antakarana extend up through your Mighty I AM Presence and all the way back to God! Call forth from God for a Pillar of Light and Ascension Column to be placed around self, office, home and business. Ask for a bubble of protection around your car as well.

You may want to put on a bracelet with 12 stars signifying the 12 signs of the horoscope and that you are integrating and balancing them. Ask and visualize the Monad, or Mighty I Am Presence, descending down into your entire energy field and being one with your energy. Visualize your bloodstream filled with liquid golden light, Visualize your chakras all balanced, aligned, and functioning as one integrated chakra. Visualize your Merkabah fill with Golden/White Light. Ask Spirit and the Masters to spin your Merkabah to cleanse your energy fields. Call forth the Prana Wind Clearing Device for a five minute meditation to clean out all your meridians, nadis, veins, and arteries of energetic toxins.

The Prana Wind Clearing Device is a gigantic fan that is anchored into your Heart Chakra, or Third chakra, which literally blows open all the energy flows in your 12-body system in a very balanced and integrated way. Maybe set it up to do your cleansings first, and then do all your Spiritual and psychological dressing. Put colors on all around you! If you like taking baths instead of showers, take color baths in liquid light. Bathe in a bath of liquid gold, blue, green, whatever you want! Call forth a Spiritual whirlwind to clear your energy fields from your Higher Self and Mighty I Am Presence. Maybe put the “Om” symbol on your third eye!

I could go on for hours, my friends! This list of possible ways to dress is as infinite as ways to physically dress. You can put on the most beautiful Spiritual jewelry you can imagine.

Now, my Beloved Readers, do you not feel much better when you properly groom yourself and when you wear nice physical clothing and jewelry? It is the exact same thing on a mental, emotional, etheric, and Spiritual level. Do not believe for a second that this form of dressing is not real. It is totally real and just as real as any physical dressing! Did not the Universal mind through Edgar Cayce say, “Thoughts are things”? Not only will you feel one thousand times better by getting dressed mentally, emotionally, etherically, and Spiritually, but other people will sense this as well. Clairvoyants will actually be able to see this. Third-dimensional type people will sense all this light and love shining from your inner self and energy fields and they will not know what it is, but they will feel very drawn to it.