One of the most important words on the Spiritual path is the word „initiative.“

Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul aware in the here and now, in our brain consciousness. Yet to reach this goal, we have to expand our consciousness to include the reality of the eternal Soul.

Now, how do we expand consciousness?

We expand our consciousness in stages. These stages are called initiations. An initiation, by definition, is an expansion of consciousness. And we expand our consciousness and take so-called initiations by taking specific initiatives.

In other words, we will not become Soul-aware by accident. We will not master our life, our mind, our emotions, our circumstances and finances by accident. We won’t wake up one magical morning being all Soul-aware and Enlightened Masters never having seriously considered our Spiritual growth and evolution. If we want to step into our Divinity, we will have to take the necessary initiatives and work deliberately on our evolution. There is no way around it. This is the law.

The so-called path of initiation is about the Soul taking the necessary initiatives to master its various bodies for an evolutionary purpose. When the Soul masters a body (=a specific frequency of matter) it takes a major initiation. When it masters a subfrequency, it takes a minor initiation.

The Spiritual path is the path out of matter towards Spirit. This path out of matter towards Spirit happens in stages, the stages referring to the various gradations of matter, in which the Soul successively clothes itself and which it successively masters and redeems as it advances towards Spirit. The Soul’s mastery over a frequency of matter indicates initiation.

The word „initiation/initiative“ means „beginning“. When we initiate something, we begin something. When we take an initiation, we begin a new adventure in a higher frequency of matter.

As you can see, the name of the game is taking Soul-inspired initiatives. Soul-inspired initiative is the key that unlocks the door to the expansion of our consciousness. If we don’t expand our consciousness, we cannot become Soul aware in the here and now. And if we do not become Soul aware in the here and now, in our brain consciousness, we cannot take the next step on the ladder of evolution, which is to enter the fifth kingdom in nature. The fifth kingdom is a new higher species and evolution of man: man + Soul = Soul-conscious man.

Lack of Soul-inspired initiative literally keeps us stuck in the wheel of rebirth in the human kingdom, the fourth kingdom. Soul-inspired initiative is the way out of the wheel.

And whether we realize it or not, everyone on Earth either consciously or unconsciously works on liberation from the wheel of rebirth so as to enter the heavenly consciousness which is the home of all awakened Souls and Masters, the abode of unconditional love and eternal peace.

ACTION STEP: Take a moment today to meditate on the word „initiative.“ What initiatives are you currently taking to grow Spiritually and share your Spiritual growth in service of humanity? Start daily to-do-lists and to-be-lists which list the various initiatives you choose to incorporate into your daily life from this day forward. You might also be interested in the I AM University’s coaching service, called 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi.

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