Hi, this is Gloria from www.iamuniversity.org where we help you embrace your full potential, grow into an Integrated Enlightened Master and reach your evolutionary goal.

As I said in the video with the title, “Wow, this is our evolutionary goal,” we as human beings, we have an evolutionary goal – and that evolutionary goal is to become Soul conscious which means freedom from the wheel of rebirth in the human kingdom and entry into the reality of awakened Souls.

Just as the difference between animal and man is that man is self-conscious or self-aware – so we have the conscious awareness to say “I am,” which is something animals can’t do -, the difference between man and the awakened man is that the awakened man, the enlightened man, is Soul conscious or Soul-aware. He or she has the conscious awareness to say, “I am Soul.”
Now, the two questions I would like to pose and answer today are: Why should I strive to become Soul conscious or Soul aware, and how can I do that?

Let’s start with the why, okay?

Let me ask you a question: How are you? Are you happy? Do you have joy in your heart or is life just one big struggle? Do you feel an inner sense of purpose that gives your life meaning or do you feel empty inside of you? What about your relationships? Are they fulfilling or are you just going around in circles, repeating the same patterns and conversations over and over again? What about death? Are you afraid of dying or are you looking forward to it? I mean, we all know, the hour of death will come for sure. What happens when you die? Where do you come from anyway? Where are you going? Why do you exist? Why is life on Earth the way it is? Why do we have jobs? Why do we have family? Why do we have relationships? Why do we have bodies? Did you ever wonder why you have a body? Interesting question, isn’t it? I actually answer that question in my newest course I am currently recording. How and why does a thought or desire become a physical thing? Why do we all collectively respond so strongly to emotion and why do so comparatively few people in this world really think in the truest and highest sense of the term? Why is not everyone of us a Tesla or an Einstein? Why has social media become such a huge success?

Why is there no such thing as privacy in this world anymore? Think Edward Snowden.

These are all very interesting questions, yes or yes?

Well, then again, why should we strive to become Soul conscious or Soul aware? The answer is simple: because being Soul aware gives us the answer to all these questions and a million more. Being Soul aware means being awake. Being awake means understanding who we are, why we are here, where we come from, where we are going, why we have the problems we have in our life, why we have the relationships we have in our life, why we have problems and relationships in the first place, why we are born into the country and family that we are born into, etc. I mean, who determines all these things? Being Soul aware or awake means understanding all these things – at least to a certain degree. Why is the sky blue? What makes your heart beat? Science can’t tell us what causes the heart to beat in the first place. There is no battery in our heart and it is certainly not plugged into any kind of electrical outlet. So what makes our heart beat? Why does our hair continue to grow after we “die”? Being Soul aware means understanding all these things. Would you not want to know? Well, for me personally, there is nothing else I want to know.

So, if YOU want to know as well, make a conscious decision to reach your evolutionary goal of evolving your conscious thinking I from “I am body” to “I am Soul.” So, make a conscious decision to become Soul conscious and Soul aware. Make this your chief purpose in life – because from the perspective of your Soul, it is.

Which brings us to question number two: How can I become Soul conscious and Soul aware?

The answer may surprise you – because it is so simple! To become Soul aware, first of all, you have to make a decisive decision about it and make it a priority in your life. If it is not a priority, you won’t get there – at least not very quickly. Sooner or later everyone will get there because the spirit of evolution will continue to push us on until we get there because it is our destiny – and we can’t escape our destiny. We can postpone it, but we can’t escape it. So sooner or later, everyone will become Soul conscious; however, if you make it a priority in your life, you will get there sooner. If watching TV all day long is more important to you than attending to your Soul, you will get there later. So first, you have to make your Spiritual path and awakening a priority in your life – and then – very simplified – you simply have to start focusing your attention on matters of the Soul.

Now, how do you do that? You do that by getting totally interested in the Soul. By starting to think about the Soul, asking questions about the Soul, meditating on the Soul, meditating with your Overligthing Soul, saying the Soul Mantra every day, reading Soul-inspired literature that expands your thinking to the reality of the Soul. Dr Joshua David Stone, the founder of the I AM University for those of you who don’t know, literally wrote thousands of pages on Soul philosophy and Soul psychology. When you read literature about the Soul, this literally stimulates your awakening to Soul consciousness. Consciousness is magnetic. That’s how one thought leads to the next and before you know it, your attention will be fully focused on matters of the Soul and you will start looking at life through the eyes of the Soul.