The full moon when the sun is in Taurus (=Wesak full moon) marks the beginning of a new Spiritual year. 

It is the perfect time of the year to give our life a new direction, to start over again, to start something new or to renew something already existing.

How do we get started? Step number one is making a commitment to our Spiritual awakening.

What is a commitment? 

The word commitment comes from Latin committere and means to unite („com“ = with, together; „mittere“ = to release, to let go)

When we commit ourselves to a higher ideal or Spiritual goal, we unite with that higher ideal and goal. And it is by uniting with ever higher and higher ideals that we steadily climb the ladder of evolution.

We have an evolutionary goal. Involution is densification. Evolution is sublimation. Our goal is to sublimate our lower self … and we sublimate our lower self by committing ourselves to the dictates of the Higher Self.

Commitment saves energy, time and unnecessary struggle. Commitment focuses our forces because it allows us to focus our thought forces, the forces of our emotional field and the ones we wield in the form of physical action. Without commitment to a higher ideal and goal we end up scattering our forces and losing our path. 

When we scatter our forces, we weaken ourselves.

When we focus our forces, we strengthen ourselves.

When we focus our forces on a higher ideal, we literally invoke higher forces. Remember, we live in a sea of energies and forces, and we attract into our aura – our immediate personal force atmosphere – the kind of energies that vibrationally resonate with our inner thought and emotional activities. As such, when we commit to a higher ideal and Spiritual goal, our striving towards that higher ideal magnetically attracts the higher atoms and forces necessary for us to realize our commitment. 

Remember, the word commitment means to unite. What we are committed to, we eventually unite with.

The purpose of life is conscious union and identification with our Divine Self.

Don’t postpone the inevitable. Make a commitment to your Spiritual awakening here and now. It is the solution to all your problems in life.