Magnetism is not only a force known in the physical world. Magnetism is a universal force. It operates on all planes.

This is why the images we picture in mind, concentrate on and ensoul with persistent desire magnetically attract those things to us.

Now, how does magnetism work to attract to us the things we desire? Take the example of iron. What happens when you wrap a piece of iron with copper wire and pass electric current through it? The piece of iron becomes a powerful magnet. When the electric current moves through a wire, it makes a magnetic field.

Now, the same happens with our mind when we fill it with magnetic thoughts of joy, love, gratitude, happiness, health, success, friendship, with things we desire. Our aura literally becomes magnetized by these lofty thoughts and vibrations. It is charged with magnetic force and begins at once to attract that which we mentally and emotionally focus on. As we magnetize our mind more and more with such lofty thoughts and ensoul them with persistent desire, we literally become a magnet, mentally and physically, and begin to attract the conditions and things we have put into our mind.

Understanding this enables us to become conscious creators in life. What we dwell upon, we become. What we consistently picture in mind, what we joyfully (or fearfully) think about day in and day out, we become.

Once we understand that we magnetically attract and become that which we focus on, and that our current evolutionary goal is for us to grow into a Soul-conscious species, one of the wisest things we can do is to spend our days joyfully imagining being an awakened Soul, in service of love.

ACTION STEP: Picture clearly, joyfully and gratefully the things that you want to magnetize and attract. Run the pictures through your mind like a film through a movie projector. Review the pictures daily, especially at night before going to sleep.

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