Buddha once said that the only constant in life is change.


Change is the only constant in life because our current evolutionary goal is to transform our humanity into Divinity. This transformation process is an ongoing process. It continually goes on. And this is why it is a constant in life.

Or said another way: There can be no progress in life without change and renewal. Yet progress we must. Why? Because we have not reached the end goal of our evolution. The word progress comes from „pro“ meaning „forward“ and „gradus“ meaning „step.“

The life within us ever seeks to take another step forward, it ever seeks to press forward and expand itself. And that progressive expansion of the life within us brings about constant change and renewal. And this is why Buddha rightly said that the only constant in life is change.

Once we understand and realize that we are progressing, that we are evolving, that we are not finished as we are, we no longer fear change, but rather embrace it. Once we understand the purpose of change, change becomes our friend!

The only thing we can count on in life with 100% certainty is constant change. Change is good! If you want to be happy and healthy and peaceful and joyful, it will come through change. If all of humanity is ever going to be happy, healthy, abundant and at peace with self and the world, it will come through change. Change is not just inevitable, it is our only hope to create a better future for all of humanity.

To fear change is to embrace stagnation. Yet, stagnate we can’t. Life won’t allow us to stand still. It will continue to push us on from the inside out to help us expand and grow into our Divinity.

So, decide here and now to joyfully embrace change and get ready to change yourself and your life! Get totally excited about changing your consciousness, your thinking,  feeling, speaking, acting and overall life.

ACTION STEP: Take a moment today to think about change and renewal. Is there any aspect in your life that is crying out for change and renewal? Is there any aspect in your life where the life within you is seeking to expand? Think about it. Write down your insights and begin, at once, to change this aspect of your life, knowing that all you are doing is giving the life within you a chance to expand.

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