Our lives are full of fears and worries, they are full of envy and jealousy, hate and anger and despair. However, if we want to grow in life, we really need to get a handle on our lower emotions and desires.

Remember, we live in a world of energies and forces. You can picture lower desire, passion and emotion as vortices or violent whirls of energy in your aura. And these vortices of lower desires, passions and emotions are literally a disturbing factor in our self-created atmosphere (=in our aura).

The word „disturb“ comes from the Latin word „disturbare“: „dis“ meaning „completely“ and „turba“ meaning „turmoil“. Lower desires, passions and emotions literally destroy the order in our aura and create an energetic turmoil in our force field (=in our aura). And even if we can’t see the energetic turmoil in our aura with our physical eyes, we all can feel it and know it to be there 🙂

As long as we vibrate on the level of fear and worry and despair, we will be unable to perceive the higher vibrations all around us. We wonder why we can‘t hear the so-called Still Small Voice Within us. It never occurs to us that we can‘t hear it, not because it’s not there but because we are so „loud“ in our vibratory frequency.

So, if we want to grow in life we will have to sit down and seriously start working on ourselves. We have to transform lower wild desire into higher lofty aspiration. And we have to transform lower negative emotion into higher positive feeling and intuition. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. And as we transform the wild, disturbing vibrations in our aura into higher aspirations, we not only soothe and quieten our frequency, but we thus literally enable ourselves to perceive the higher vibrations of the Soul.

This is why learning to calm down our emotional nature and learning to be still and steady like a rock in the turbulent ocean of emotion is literally a requirement for Soul-awareness in our brain consciousness. In order to be able to hear the Still Small Voice Within we first need to still our vibration.

ACTION STEP: Begin deliberately transforming (1) lower desire into higher aspiration, and (2) negative emotion into positive feeling:

  • Every time you have a negative emotion, immediately (!) replace it with a positive feeling (like: instead of giving into worry, immediately start thinking of something you are grateful for).
  • Every time you are about to give into a lower desire, instead of giving in, take an action step to get closer to the realization of your noblest dreams and aspirations.
  • Actively radiate love and joy and peace. This helps to keep at bay the wild vibrations of the world around you and makes you immune against the emotional plagues of the world.

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