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We really just have one problem in this world: We lack continuity of consciousness.

We go to sleep at night (to sleep means to be unconscious in our brain awareness) and we wake up again the next morning, having no idea of what actually happens when we are asleep. While we are unconscious in our brain awareness during the hours of sleep, we are very conscious on other planes, however, we have no remembrance of it (apart from the odd dream now and then). Why? Because we lack continuity of consciousness. Our loved ones pass away and we have no way of contacting them, nor any assurance that life indeed continues after “death.” Why? Because we lack continuity of consciousness.

We will stop having dreams at night, our collective fear of death will become a thing of the past and we will finally be able to see through the illusion of separation, all once we develop continuity of consciousness.

The solution to all our problems in life is continuity of consciousness in our brain awareness. The science of establishing this continuity is known as the science of the Antahkarana. In essence, from a personal perspective, the Antahkarana is the bridge between the higher and lower mind that allows the two to communicate with one another. When this communication link is established, we will become aware – in our brain awareness – of this higher dimension in our life.

To develop continuity of consciousness means to build bridges – not just between our higher and lower mind, but – from a greater perspective – also between humanity and the Hierarchy. The term hierarchy is often misunderstood. In ancient philosophy the word hierarchy simply denotes the ladder of life. The ladder of life has infinite rungs. There are kingdoms on the rungs below us (with a more limited level of awareness than man; i.e.: mineral, vegetable, animal) and kingdoms on the rungs above us (with a more expanded level of awareness than man; i.e.: Spiritual Kingdom of Enlightened Masters). Being aware of our place on the ladder of life is very valuable because it helps us to put into perspective what we have achieved thus far and what’s still ahead of us.

One way by which we can contact the Hierarchy of Masters on the next higher rung above us so as to invite their support into our lives is via the activity of invocation. Therefore, in these beautiful Spiritual Empowerment Prayers we invoke the help of the Masters who have already taken the step that’s ahead of us now. Our invoking them acts as a magnetic pull, or positive pole of magnetic attraction, through which we may bridge the gap (in continuity) between the two Kingdoms. By calling on them, in our reaching out, we stretch ourselves, we expand our consciousness – and we build a bridge, in consciousness, between Humanity and the Hierarchy in the process.

As such, working with this Invocative Prayer is one definite way to help build the Planetary Antahkarana and help humanity, as a whole, develop continuity of consciousness so we may end the fear of death, the illusion of separation and release the veil that exists between humanity and the Kingdom it is our evolutionary destiny to enter. It is our collective responsibility to build this bridge. Thus, when you work with this prayer you render a very real and valuable service.

Since becoming Soul conscious in our brain awareness requires us to develop the characteristics of the Seven Rays and since all the Masters of the Hierarchy serve in one of the Seven Ray Departments, this series of Spiritual Empowerment Prayers focuses specifically on the Ray characteristics. 

Working with the Seven Ray Spiritual Empowerment Prayers will help you:

  • develop Soul consciousness in your brain awareness,
  • build the Antahkarana between lower/higher mind, and Humanity/Hierarchy,
  • invoke a merger between you, the indwelling consciousness, and your Overlighting Prototype so you may become a positive pole of magnetic attraction, attracting the Overlighting Soul down into manifestation and the indwelling Soul, which you are, up to be freed from imprisonment in form,
  • evoke the energy potential of the Seven Rays, latent within your Soul, into outer expression,
  • transmute the glamours, illusions, maya and unsupportive expressions of the Seven Ray energy potentials,
  • tune the vibratory frequency within your brain awareness to the frequency of the Seven Rays,
  • call forth the Seven Ray energies into the very substance constituting your bodies so as to rebuild your service instrument (which is a requirement for the Soul to divinely manifest in form).

Embedded in beautiful melodies and sublime sounds, this Spiritual Empowerment Prayer is both a beautiful meditation and profound service.

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