Cities are busy places.

Every man, woman and child on Earth carries their thoughts, emotions, desires, hopes and fears around with them, kind of like a second skin or mantle made of electromagnetic fibers. This electromagnetic mantle or field is the so-called aura.

Now, most people – given our collective point in evolution and the nonexistence of a Spiritual curriculum in our schools — have absolutely no control over their thinking, their emotions and their desire life, etc. For that very reason, most people’s aura is a rather wild mixture of conflicting forces. And so when we live in great cities where there are lots of people, it takes the steady outlay of force to resist the low level thought currents and desire currents of the people around us that are beating against our own aura.

This is actually one of the reasons why so-called Masters in the past would often live secluded lives, up in the mountains, away from the masses. When you are out in nature, you don’t have the same kind of interference which you have when you live in the middle of a big city, even though, obviously, we are all linked together with one another via the etheric network of humanity of which the internet is a semi-tangible expression.

Anyway, when we live out in the country and have a chance to link up with the vibrations of nature, it is in a sense easier to get in tune with the Still Small Voice Within because it is easier to quiet our own vibration which is a requirement to be able to hear the Still Small Voice Within. When we live in large cities, however, where people’s emanations are constantly beating against our aura trying to impress themselves upon us, we need to protect our space by the consistent outlay of force.

In other words, we can’t allow ourselves to passively sleepwalk through life or else the thoughts, emotions, fears, worries and desires of other people – which are real, tangible forces – will overpower us (if we are not careful) and cause us to synchronize our vibration with theirs. Said another way: When we passively go through life, we are easily influenced by and automatically take on the fears and worries of our surroundings.

How may we protect ourselves?

Well, it takes the constant outlay of force – the constant active thinking of high, lofty thoughts and the constant, active cultivating of high, lofty feelings – to resist the low level electromagnetic currents of the people around us. The good news is that this constant outlay of force is only a full-time job in the beginning. After a little while it will become almost automatic to actively radiate high-level forces.

Now, actively radiating high-frequency forces is something we need to do whether we live out in the country or in the middle of a big city. Why? Because it’s the way to raise ourselves out of mass consciousness into self-mastery. It may be a bit easier out in the country for aforementioned reasons, however, this being said, our job here and now, if we are to realize our evolutionary goal which is to grow into a Soul-conscious species, is to continually strive for perpetual mastery no matter where we may live in the world.

So if you find yourself living in the middle of a big city, you have in a sense more opportunities to practice self-mastery, to practice remaining unaffected by what agitates the people around you. AND: You have a real opportunity to share your enlightened consciousness – by your sheer presence and radiation – with the many people around you 🙂 In other words: You are truly blessed!

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