Our evolutionary goal in life is Spiritual growth. We are on a so-called Spiritual path, and the reason why we call it the Spiritual path is because the journey leads us from matter to Spirit. Therefore, to attain Spiritual growth, we have to spiritualize our consciousness, spiritualize our thinking, our emotional nature, our bodies, our diet, our relationships, we have to spiritualize our everything. Spiritualization or sublimation is ever the way to Spirit.

Now, in order to reach our goal, it is important to keep track of our goal and of the steps we take to get there. One way by which we accomplish this is by keeping a Spiritual Diary or Spiritual Growth Book of sorts. If we never record our insights, our lessons, our opportunities, our struggles and our victories, we might think we are not growing much when in fact we do. And if we never keep track of our Spiritual disciplines, we won‘t do any. And if we do not consciously and systematically work on ourselves by following some kind of system of Spiritual disciplines, we will not grow as much in life.

How are we supposed to master our mind if never make it a deliberate focus in life? How are we supposed to heal our emotional nature if we never make it a conscious field of mastery? How are we supposed to master our physical body and Earth life if we never get serious about it? And how are we supposed to develop Soul consciousness if we never put it on our to-do list and our to-be-list?

If the Soul does not master its bodies – or said another way: if the consciousness aspect does not master the matter aspect – the Soul ends up being the victim of its own instrument. Then the Soul ends up being a prisoner in its own house. So, the goal is for the Soul to become the positive controlling factor and for the Soul forces to supersede those of the bodies. The Soul is supposed to be the positive, controlling factor – and the bodies are supposed to be the negative, serving factor. Matter, as the negative pole, is supposed to serve the Soul, which constitutes the positive pole in this relationship. Or said another way: the bodies are supposed to serve the Soul, not the other way around. However, for this to happen, the Soul has to take command.

Now, once we understand the bigger picture and goal, and that the idea is for the Soul to take command and for the Soul forces to supersede those of the bodies, we need to systematically start working towards the goal or else we will never get there. We won‘t become Soul aware and we won’t master our bodies by accident. If we want to become Soul aware in our brain consciousness and if we want to master our thinking, feeling and acting life, we will have to take deliberate action.

And this deliberate action and systematic work we ideally record in a Spiritual Diary or Spiritual Growth Book of sorts. The moment we write something down on a piece of paper, we anchor the energy on the physical plane (a piece of insight is a piece of energy). When we write it down on the computer, we anchor it on the etheric plane. The virtual world, if you think about it, is already more etheric than physical in nature. Our whole life is beginning to shift from the dense physical plane to the subtle etheric plane without us realizing it. Think about it. It is really interesting. The internet is etheric in nature. Everything is moving away from the physical to the internet – and this is actually a sign of evolution.

Anyway, so start up a Spiritual Growth Book, keep a Spiritual Diary – and let it be a physical book and diary if you can; something that you can hold in your hands. This helps to anchor the higher energies we are working with in a tangible, physical way. A Spiritual Diary and Growth Book enables us to externalize our inner awareness. And it is totally exciting to see how our awareness expands as we keep working on the unfoldment of our consciousness in a systematic and disciplined way. If we don’t have such an instrument in place to externalize our inner awareness, we remain unaware of our evolution – and before we know it, life will be over without us having learned as much as we could have learned if we had deliberately partaken in our evolution. Think about it! And start up a Spiritual Growth Book, if the idea speaks to you.