How many times have we been told that we need to have faith? That we should not worry because everything is going to work out just fine? Way too many times, isn’t it? (smiles)

But how are we supposed to have faith in an „invisible hand“ – that we can neither see nor understand – to sort out our problems?

Great question! Let me give it a try …

We develop faith by opening our eyes to the reality that all of life is governed by laws. We don’t live in a random universe. We live in a world that is governed by laws.

For example, natural science is a science (such as physics, chemistry, or biology) that studies the physical and natural world. By experimenting with the forces of nature and observing the workings of nature, scientists have figured out and keep figuring out how nature works. Fire will not burn us today and freeze us tomorrow. If water be a fluid today and a solid tomorrow, it is because the surrounding conditions have changed. By experimenting with the forces of nature and observing the workings of nature, we learn that nature operates under certain laws. So long as we remain unaware of these laws, we stumble along helplessly, however, once we become aware of the laws in operation, we can cooperate with them and – in wise foresight – deliberately cause desired results.

Now, that which is true of the material universe is also true of the subtler dimensions of the universe. Each dimension of reality has its own set of laws under which it operates, and just because we are not (yet) aware of these laws does not mean that they do not exist. 500 years ago we knew nothing of Isaac Newton’s laws of motion, of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, of Boyle’s law of gases, or of the four laws of thermodynamics. However, this does not mean that these laws had not existed before they were discovered. These laws have always been in operation, even while we are unaware of them.

And so, again, that which is true of the material universe is also true of the finer dimensions of reality. There are all kinds of universal laws in operation, laws such as: the law of evolution, the law of rebirth, the law of attraction, the law of karma (=law of causation, law of cause and effect), the law of periodicity, the law of sacrifice, etc. We are not (yet) aware of them on a large scale, but that does not mean that they do not exit.

As we learn about these laws and begin to study them (like scientists study the laws of the physical realm), we can learn to cooperate with these laws and thus master our destiny! There are no accidents in life, and luck is but a name given to law unrecognized.

Faith comes from knowing and trusting that the laws of the universe, which maintain order in the universe, can never fail.

For example, one of the higher laws of nature states that the vibrations we send out with our thinking, feeling and desiring will come back to us with mathematical exactitude. Whatever I radiate, I attract. Faith is knowing that all of life is governed by law and that, according to law, our own will ever come back to us. I cannot give hate and expect love in return because that which I give comes back to me – with mathematical precision.

Knowing this, if we begin today to radiate only (!) love and joy and happiness, we can trust that love and joy and happiness will find their way back to us. This is the law.

Faith comes from knowing that all of life is governed by law. All we need to do is discover these laws in our own life and make them work for us in service of love and evolution.

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