The 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. In other words: We are collectively awakening to the reality of the Soul.

In intuitive philosophy, the Soul is also called the Thinker. As we can see, therefore, the development of Soul consciousness inevitably involves the awakening and activation of our mental faculties. For that very reason, the development of our mind is high on the evolutionary agenda for humanity today.

Currently, we are mostly emotionally polarized, which means: our consciousness is focused through our emotions and, therefore, we mainly look at life through the lens of emotion. The thoughts we think, the words we say, the things we do are all greatly influenced by our desires and emotions.

To become Soul conscious, we have to raise our consciousness out of the emotional plane into the plane of mind. We have to become mentally polarized.

With regards to our Spiritual path, what that means is that our approach to Spirituality also has to transition from an emotional to a mental one. In other words: As we delve into the Age of the Soul, we have to begin to approach the Spiritual path from a more scientific point of view, and as we do so we shall arrive at the realization that everything the Great Teachers of the past – such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, the Greek philosophers and others – have said is, in truth, pure science.

The language they used spoke to our emotions since – given our collective emotional polarization – this was the only language we were able to understand. However, in the 21st century, our collective task involves the scientific formulation of the Spiritual path. This is why practices such as trance, channeling (as it is currently commonly understood in the New Age), mediumship, lower psychism etc. which are all astral in nature, will slowly but surely die out. They have no place in the mentally polarized world and Soul conscious individual. They had their rightful place in our earlier (Atlantean) evolution, however, they are not part of our future.

They are involutionary, not evolutionary.

The future belongs to those higher disciplines that evolve our thinking, our intuition and telepathic abilities. The future belongs to those practices that aim at the restoration of the Antahkarana (the science of the continuity of consciousness) and the development of Soul consciousness in our brain awareness.

As we actively engage in these new scientific disciplines that the inner education for the Age of the Soul has in store for us (and which will become increasingly the focus of our service here at the I AM University), we will be in the position to approach life from a new, higher, more expanded perspective: from the perspective of the Soul. And this greater perspective will then give us immense inner peace and joy because for the first time we will actually be able to see the bigger picture and purpose of our existence.

Right now, we don‘t know anything for sure. We hope there is a life after death but we don‘t know for sure. We guess our personal situation (health, wealth, relationships, etc.) has something to do with the inner life of our thoughts and emotions, but we don‘t know with certainty. We believe there is something like a God but we can‘t prove it.

As we approach these questions and others from a more scientific point of view, as we learn to tune into our higher abstract mind and intuition, as we learn to develop our higher senses and mechanisms of contact, our emotion-based guessing and hoping will soon make place for scientific certainty and knowingness.

With this in mind, let us strive to raise our consciousness out of the emotional plane to the plane of mind. Let us strive to become Soul aware. If you are ready to get started and take some initiatives in this direction, you might be interested in our coaching service, called 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi. Namaste.