There is so much going around the world today. We are confronted with a host of global challenges of a political, economical, financial, social and religious nature. And the only way to meet these challenges and master these problems in a way that serves everyone is by raising our consciousness from me to we, from personality to Soul. The personality is me-focused, the Soul is group-focused. The personality thinks it is separate from everyone and everything. The Soul knows that it is one with everyone and everything.

We have to become Soul aware in our brain consciousness if we want to have peace on Earth and create heaven on Earth for everyone. And this is something we have to actively pursue. So we can no longer afford to remain passive. We have to become much more active, all of us.

What is action? The word „action“ comes from the Latin „actionem” and means „putting in motion.“ When we take action, we literally put energies and forces in motion. We live in a world of energies and forces. When we take action, we move the energies and forces around us. However, when we are all passive, we are not moving anything. On the contrary: Then the energies move us. When we are all passive, life happens to us and we end up as victims in life. Do you happen to know what the word „passive“ means? The word „passive“ also comes from the Latin and means to „suffer“. A passive life leads to suffering. When we are passive, life happens to us because the energies around us override and overpower our own energy and radiation. However, when we get active, we ourselves make our life happen because we determine the movement of the energies. And as we learn to do that life becomes very exciting because it means that we are taking our life into our own hands. When we are passive, we are not actively directing our energies and for that very reason, we are not in charge of our life. What makes life difficult is not being in charge of it!

To become Soul conscious means – among other things – learning to deliberately direct our energies. When we take deliberate action as a Soul, we deliberately move energy and force in service of a greater plan. So the key is to get active as a Soul. If we want to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness and do our part in the collective birthing of a whole new higher species of mankind that is awake and aware, we have to actively pursue this goal. We will not be able to take the next step in our evolution unless we actually take the next step. You don‘t get to the mountain top by sitting around at the foot of the mountain. You have to get up and move your body. So, to climb the mountain of Soul consciousness we have to get ACTIVE. There is no way around taking action.

Action is something we can take on all levels: On the mental plane, thought is action. On the emotional plane, emotion is action. On the physical plane, the things we do and the activities we engage in all are action. Even the words we speak are energies and forces in action. Action is energy in motion.

So, to become Soul aware, we have to actively and deliberately think thoughts of unity, of oneness, of love, of opportunity, of joy and abundance. We have to actively and deliberately generate love and peace and gratitude and generosity in our emotional nature. We have to actively and deliberately move the energies on the physical plane by finding ways to actively express our love and oneness and brotherhood and sisterhood in our daily activities, and we have to actively move the energies by developing the language of love.

Again: We can no longer afford to remain passive! We can no longer afford to leave our mind and emotional nature open to the uncontrolled thought currents and emotional vibrations coming towards us from the outside. When you have a garden and don‘t actively attend to the garden, deliberately planting the seeds you want to see blossoming and deliberately pulling out the weeds you don‘t want to see growing, then the garden will grow whatever falls into it. When we don‘t actively care for our mental and emotional garden, then whatever weed the winds of collective thought and emotion bring to it, will fall into it and grow there. Therefore: We can no longer afford to remain passive!

We have to actively radiate our Soul-infused consciousness in all directions, in all dimensions: mental, emotional, physical. When we do not actively radiate love and peace and oneness and brotherhood and sisterhood, then the violent thought currents and vibrations all around us will overpower our own radiation. And as a consequence we will feel overwhelmed and powerless. To stay on top of life we have get active on all levels. To do our part in the externalization of the fifth kingdom on Earth, which is the revelation of the Soul on Earth, the Soul in us has to awaken and get active. We have to ACTIVATE the Soul in us. And this is not something that will happen automatically. If we want to activate the Soul within us, we have to get active. The name of the game is ACTION!

So here is your assignment: Think of one action that you as the Soul can take on a mental, emotional and physical level to reveal the Soul, and then commit to actually taking these actions for the next 40 days. Maybe write the word „action“ on a piece of paper and put it on your computer, on your bathroom wall, wherever it suits you, to have a reminder in place to deliberately cultivate thoughts of oneness, family, awakening, … to deliberately radiate love and gratitude and peace and joy from your heart, … to deliberately reveal the Soul in the words you speak and in the things you do. This is how we awaken the Soul within us – by calling it forth into action.