In intuitive philosophy there is a concept called initiations. There is something called initiations which we are supposed to pass in order to advance on the Spiritual path.

But what actually are initiations, how can you pass them and why should you strive to do so?

Very simply put, an initiation is an expansion of consciousness. Nothing more and nothing less.

The more expanded our consciousness is, the broader a view we have on life and the greater an understanding we have of life.

So why should we strive to take intiations?

Passing initiations allows us to have a deeper and more expanded and more complete perspective on life.

We all here on Earth, to a greater or lesser extent, are living in a little box. This is our world view. What’s going on in our own head is objective reality – so I am always right, the other person is always wrong. What we can perceive with our 5 senses, that’s real. Everything else is not – even though every scientist will tell you that our organs of perception can only register less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum. But that does not matter – if we can’t see it, it does not exist.

You see, when we take an initiation, we are breaking up our illusions, one by one. And with every illusion we see through, our consciousness expands, we gain a greater perspective of life. We actually grow. We grow in power, in love, in wisdom.

For example, most people believe that other people cause their emotions. My neighbor told me that I am unfriendly – and the next moment I am angry at him. When you start realizing, hey, I cause myself my feelings and emotions – not other people – then you are expanding your consciousness. You are taking an initiation. You are expanding your view on life.

So every time we break down limitiations, every time we release fear-based thoughts, every time we release limiting belief systems, we are taking an initiation. We are initiated into a higher, truer reality.

Is there something we can do on our end to speed up the initiation process?


And the answer lies in the word initiation in itself. The word initiation comes from the Latin initiare which means to take the initiatve. So if you want to take intiations, if you want to expand your consciousnes, you have to take intiatives.

What kind of initiatives? The initiative to:

  • master your mind,
  • transcend your fears,
  • master your emotions,
  • transcend your lower self,
  • raise your inner child,
  • dedicate your life to planetary world service,
  • forgive yourself and others,
  • learn to love yourself, and on and on.

These are all things you can learn at the I AM University. So, very simplified, this is what intiations are and how you can pass them. Obviously, there is more to it, but that is a quick introduction. Please think about it. I hope I could be of service to you today. Have a great day. Bye.