Why is it so important that we learn to master and control our thoughts, that we at once replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and that we watch out not to harbor and entertain thoughts that are not supportive of our personal and planetary evolution?

Well, once we understand that our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul-aware in the here and now and that reaching this goal involves a transition from emotional to mental polarization, once we decide to become serious about our Spiritual growth and awakening and begin to identify with our Divine Self which is purest high frequency voltage, our thoughts gain added power.

As we begin to step into Spiritual maturity, the thoughts we think are charged with increased energy and vitality and thus have greater influence and impact on the world around us.

Thoughts are real, electromagnetic forces. Thinking produces results. Everything we see around us started as a thought. We ourselves are embodied thought. The moment we think a thought (be it consciously or unconsciously) we set up a vibration that travels away from us out into the world, to magnetically link up with like thoughts. Thoughts are electromagnetic forces. When we wield these forces in an uncontrolled way, we can do much harm. And the more we step into Spiritual maturity and thus increase our Spiritual voltage, the greater the potential harm may be.

We are living in truly amazing times because we are awakening to the reality of the power of our thoughts. However, with this awakening comes responsibility. Knowing about the power of our thoughts and not bothering about thinking destructive thoughts has consequences. Knowing about the power of thoughts and not bothering about learning to master and control our instrument is irresponsible.

We are living in times of mass awakening. We are awakening to the reality of the Soul, we  are starting to realize that we live in a world of energies and forces, we are learning about the wonders of the mind, etc. Yet, as all this knowledge makes its way into our consciousness, Spiritual maturity demands its wise handling and use.

So let’s make a decisive decision here and now, from this moment forward, to pay super careful attention to wield wisely all of our forces.

ACTION STEP: Make a decisive decision here and now to get serious about mastering your mind. Get out your Spiritual Growth Book and start working on your mind. Every day, take at least one action step to grow mentally by aligning your mind with the Mind of Source.

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