Worry never helped anyone accomplish anything. Worry is negative and passive. That’s why, by definition, it is incapable of accomplishing anything. The only way to change anything is by a positive and active approach. Practically speaking, what that means is that the way out of worry is to transmute it into active desire for positive change.

When we focus on worry, we vibrate in harmony with the worry thought and magnetically link up with all the worries in the world. That’s why, when we worry, we often feel like there is no way out of a desperate situation we may find ourselves in. We feel frozen, unable to change anything.

However, when we focus on desire for positive change, we at once put ourselves in harmony with like thoughts in the surrounding thought atmosphere and thus draw to us help from the vast sea of thought waves in which we live and move and have our being.

The law of attraction works both ways. Worry magnetically attracts worries. Desire for positive change magnetically attracts opportunities for positive change.

The key to accomplish anything is desire. Desire is an active force. It has the power to move things. The stronger the desire, the better. Weak desire is a weak force because weak desire does not have much attractive power. It is too weak to attract much. Strong desire, on the other hand, has immense attractive power.

So, when we find ourselves in a worrisome situation, it is not just enough to quietly hope or mildly desire for the situation to change for the better. The desire for positive change must be all-consuming. This applies to anything we may desire in life: be it better finances, better relationships or Spiritual growth.

As Paramahansa Yogananda said, if you want to realize God you must want God like a drowning man wants air.

And precisely here is the crux of the matter: We desire for our life to improve, but we don’t desire it exclusively. We desire better finances but we also desire to read news that herald financial collapse. We desire better relationships but we also desire to complain about the ones we have. We desire health but we also desire to study illness and disease. We desire Spiritual growth and awakening but we also desire comfort and ease. We desire to grow Soul-aware in the here and now, but we also desire to go the line of least resistance, we desire to go by our emotions, we desire to remain a victim, we desire to keep on blaming the world around us for our personal misery and fate. Our desire to invest in temporary pleasures is still greater than our desire to truly invest in our Spiritual growth (which is the one and only thing we will be able to take with us into eternity).

The secret to health, joy, Spiritual growth and abundance is to desire them exclusively because when our desire is exclusive, when our desire is focused, the force of attraction can do its divine handiwork. However, when we desire both health and illness, abundance and poverty, Spiritual growth and lethargy at the same time, sending out contradicting forces, we nullify all of our efforts. We stay still.

And we stay still, at best, when we worry. When we worry, we waste our forces which we could use to build up confidence, personal power and magnetic strength. Most of the things we worry about never come to pass anyway since the configuration of energies keeps changing on a moment-to-moment basis. The configuration of the energies surrounding us keeps changing on a thought-to-thought, desire-to-desire, and emotion-to-emotion basis. The very moment we start thinking about a worrisome situation in a positive light, the situation itself changes.

We live in a world of energies and forces. Starting to think of life and situations in terms of energies and forces is one of the key revelations that the 21st century shall have in store for us.

Worry never accomplishes anything. All we do when we worry is waste our energies. Rather than worrying or making the mistake to fight worry, let’s just relax and focus on the outcomes we desire – and let’s be sure to desire them exclusively. This is the fastest and surest way to a happy, healthy and joyful life.

ACTION STEP: Think of one area in your life that you have a tendency to worry about. Decide that for the next 7 days you will just focus on the desired outcome and grow your desire for the positive working out of the situation. The moment the worry thought comes up, rather than fight it, just rejoice at the positive working out of the desired situation. Know that as you keep holding the thought of the desired outcome, you are magnetically attracting whatever is needed to work out your thought into physical reality. The moment you stop holding the thought, the magnetism starts fading away. This is the reason why to accomplish anything worthwhile we need persistence and staying power.

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