To believe that the circumstances surrounding us are stronger than the power of the Spirit within us, is to believe in an illusion.

We have the power to control our circumstances because we ourselves create them from the inside out. We ourselves create our circumstances through our dominant, habitual thoughts, desires, words and deeds. Thoughts, desires, words and deeds are real, tangible electromagnetic forces that magnetically attract into our immediate sphere of living their own kind.

Etymologically speaking, the prefix „circum“, having its root in Latin, literally means „in a circle.“ What we commonly call „circumstances“ are just energies and forces that encircle us. And they encircle us because our habitual thoughts, desires, words and deeds – being real, tangible forces – magnetically attracted them into our immediate living space and environment.

As we change our thinking, feeling, speaking and acting life, our circumstances cannot but change accordingly. Our living environment and our circumstances are not the product of chance. They are the product of choice. We don’t live in a random universe. We live in a world that is governed by laws.

ACTION STEP: Take a moment today and think about your circumstances as energies and forces surrounding you which you yourself originated. Understand that as you change your thoughts, desires, words, actions and deeds, your circumstances will change accordingly. It cannot be any other way because this is the law.

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