Various schools of thought and philosophy talk about the so-called Spiritual path.

But what actually is the Spiritual path all about? Why is there such a thing as a Spiritual path and what is it good for, and what does it have to do with you and me?

Well, in intuitive philosophy there is a concept called involution and evolution, in Eastern philosophy sometimes referred to as the Inbreath and Outbreath of Brahma.

Very simplified, involution deals with the process of the subjective life getting involved in matter. It is the process of life involving itself in substance, clothing itself in a form, commonly called body, and using that form as a means of expression.

The word involution comes from the Latin “involvere,” “in” meaning “in” and “volvere” meaning “to roll.” So involution literally means “to roll into, to envelop, to surround.”

Involution is the process of Divine life rolling into matter, so to speak. It is the process of Divine life involving itself in substance, or descending into matter, in order to express itself in matter, matter just being densified spirit.

Now, the word evolution comes from the Latin “evolvere,” “ex-“ meaning “out” and “volvere” meaning “to roll.” So evolution deals with the process of unrolling.

Evolution is what happens when the Divine Life after having gotten involved with matter, after having clothed itself in a body, after having rolled into a body, if you can say that … adapts itself and uses the form to perfect it, to make it a perfect expression of the indwelling life with the goal of liberating itself from the environing form once it outgrows it. So evolution is the process whereby the spark of life, after having been planted into substance, so to speak, uses the form to make it a perfect expression of the indwelling life. And so from a certain lens and perspective, this process of perfection is the process of evolution.

So part of the idea of involution-evolution is to perfect the relationship between “life and form.”

Life clothes itself into a form that is adequate for its needs. And it expresses itself with the goal of evolving or unrolling. The indwelling life unrolls or evolves through experiences. As the life within grows and expands, the indwelling life outgrows the form so-to-speak. So the form disintegrates – that’s what we commonly call death – and the indwelling life, which in a sense is imprisoned in the form, frees itself and repeats the process on a higher level, within a subtler form, within a higher body, on a higher plane or dimension of reality, all the way back to Source.

And so very, very simplified – this is obviously a simplification of a very complex, multi-dimensional process that cannot be grasped by rational thinking but requires the faculty of intuition – the spirit of divinity descends, and the indwelling life, going through experiences and growing through them, evolving through them, ascends. So from that lens and perspective, the process of involution and evolution is the process of descension and ascension.

And now to come back to our original question: What is the so-called Spiritual path all about? Why is there such a thing and what does it have to do with you and me?

Ultimately, the Spiritual path involves both the process of descension and ascension. However, luckily, the process of descension is already behind us – at least from a linear perspective even though from a higher perspective there is no such thing as linear past and future and all the rest. So anyway, today, in the 21st century, when we talk about the Spiritual path, we are talking about evolution. We are talking about the path of return to Source.

The process of evolution is a process of identification. At first, we identify with the physical body, then with our emotions, then with our mind, then with our personality, then with our Soul, then with our Monad or Divine Self, and ultimately we re-identify with Source and oneness. So essentially, that’s what evolution is about. And that’s what the so-called Spiritual path is all about.

In a sense, it is a process of identification and dis-identification. We dis-identify from our lower self and identify with our higher self. We dis-identify from our higher self and identify with our divine self. So, we are unrolling or evolving, and in the end, what remains, is a spark of divinity – our true identity – enriched with infinite wisdom gained from the experience of getting involved with matter, matter again just being densified Spirit.

Now what does that have to do with you and me and our daily lives?

Well, it has everything to do with it. We all have a life, right? But what is life? Why do we all have a life? And what are we supposed to do with it?

The purpose of life is to allow the divine life, to allow Divine Essence to express itself in form. And the Soul or Higher Self – or whatever you want to call it – within us lovingly pushes us on to express this essence in our daily life, whether we realize it or not. That’s the goal of evolution.

Now, sooner or later, in this life or another, there will come a moment in the life of every single person in the world where the truth of a higher plan or higher reality will start to dawn upon them. And the moment we start getting it, this is when we consciously step onto the Spiritual path.

This is when we consciously strive to express the essence of divine life in our daily life and consciousness – and so this is when the real growth happens! The moment we consciously step onto our Spiritual path, the moment we get it and start working towards it, we attain more growth in one lifetime than we did in the last, I don’t know, 100 incarnations together. So every single person in the world is on a Spiritual path, whether they realize or not, or whatever name they may want to give it. And so it concerns all of us.