The Spiritual path sometimes feels very slow and methodical in terms of sensing the Spiritual growth made. Spiritual growth is a very subtle thing. There are actually three levels of Spiritual growth. There is the Spiritual level, consciousness or psychological level and physical/Earthly level.

The Spiritual level of growth deals with building Light Quotient, Light Bodies, initiations, anchoring Chakras and this is a very slow intricate process. Most people are not even aware when they take major initiations let alone the path to get there.

The consciousness level deals with the mastery, organization and refinement of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, awareness, understanding, wisdom, Spiritual vision, actions, energy, programming, psychology, belief systems, philosophy, introspection, self-inquiry, self-examination, knowing thyself and so on. This is a very slow process as well. Once in a while we read a tremendous book that really opens our eyes, however most of the time it is a more gradual process.

On the physical/Earthly level we grow by building and establishing our Spiritual mission on Earth, building our Earthly legacy, doing service work, building our prosperity, mastering Earth life. This is a very slow process as well.

So this being the case it is sometimes easy for people to think they are not growing. However as long as you follow the simple guidelines I give you in this lesson, I will guarantee you and assure you that you will be growing.

So this is what Spirit, the Masters and I recommend. Everyone has their own personal mountain and mountains to climb. The first requirement is to never give up. If you have to crawl, crawl. If you can walk, walk. If you want to run sometimes please do so, however, do remember this is a marathon and not a 50-yard dash, so pace yourself.

Now the most important thing on the Spiritual path is to try to be balanced and to make a little progress every day on all levels. So for example try to meditate every day even if it is just 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Try to get a little physical exercise every day even if it is just walking the dog around the block. This will give you some fresh air and sunshine as well. Try to eat a good diet every day. Definitely pray every day! Make a practice of talking to God and your Superconscious Mind. Do a platinum net every day and even twice a day to cleanse your energy fields. Write down your dreams every day and try to interpret them. If you can, each day try to practice a little channeling (channeling your Divine Self). When you get up in the morning it is crucial to make adjustments in your consciousness if there are any lessons you are learning that are throwing you of balance a little bit. If you have time, work on your journal a little bit. Before bed, take some self-introspection time to examine your day to see if you learned your lessons and passed your Spiritual tests. Practice attitudinal healing during your day if any negative feelings or emotions are coming up. When you get up in the morning put on your Spiritual armor and Spiritual clothing so you are prepared for the day properly. Take some time in the morning to get organized inwardly and outwardly to get  on the right track. Take a little time if you have it in the evening to Spiritually read or study a little bit. During the day if possible do your service work.  Even if it is at a job you do not like, it is your attitude that determines service work, not what you do. During the day practice the Presence of God; that means being God and embodying God on Earth.

So the idea here is to do a little bit of everything so you are balanced in your Spiritual growth. You want to take time to grow Spiritually, psychologically and in your consciousness and on a physical/ Earthly level. Even though it will not seem like you are growing at a super-accelerated rate, in truth you will be. For if you would do this seven days a week, month after month, year after year, you would be amazed at how quickly you will move up your Spiritual mountain.

The amazing thing about this process is that first when you begin it may seem like work, however after 21 days you develop a habit and your taste for God grows where you do not even desire to do anything that does not serve your Spiritual path. As the Master Jesus said in A Course in Miracles, “True pleasure is serving God!” So what was experienced as work in the beginning is now experienced as total pleasure and bliss. I myself never feel like I am working. I feel like I am always doing what I want to do. If I had a billion dollars I would do exactly the same thing. What was previously experienced as a sacrifice at times of lower-self pleasure, now becomes one’s greatest Spiritual joy and lower-self pleasure becomes as unappealing as spoiled food. Would you rather dine with God or your lower self? Once you have tasted the two it is not even a choice.

So the key lesson here is to make a little bit of balanced progress in all three areas of your life, Spiritually, psychologically and in consciousness and on a physical/Earthly level. Each meditation and prayer session and other Spiritual practices add a layer to your aura. Each day working on your consciousness polishes your diamond. Each day taking care of Earthly business builds your bank account and helps you develop mastery of Earth life as well as anchors your Spiritual mission. With patience, perseverance and a never give up attitude that is totally focused on overcoming this world and becoming an Integrated Ascended Master and Self and God Realized Being, in time you will climb all your Spiritual mountains and finally climb your personal Mount Everest. This is the achievement of Self and God Realization in this Earthly school. It is for this reason that you have incarnated into this world and it is every person’s destiny to strive for this noble goal and become an Integrated Ascended Master and Self and God Realized Being. So be about the Father’s business and make a little bit of progress every day and you will achieve your ascension, resurrection, translation, liberation, graduation, transfiguration, which the Master Jesus and all the Great Masters demonstrated could be achieved if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Place on the door to your symbolic inner room of your inner house the words of Joshua of old who said, “As for me and my house, I serve the Lord!”