All of life is governed by laws. One such law is the law of sacrifice. To have a healthy body, we have to „sacrifice“ unhealthy food. To have joy and happiness in our heart, we have to „sacrifice“ worry and despair. To have a fulfilling romantic relationship, we have to „sacrifice“ sexual licentiousness. To have a beautiful mind, we have to „sacrifice“ ugly thoughts. To have inspiring conversations, we have to „sacrifice“ grumbling and swearing. To step into our Higher Self, we have to „sacrifice“ our lower self.

I say „sacrifice“ (using quotation marks) because we are not really sacrificing anything at all. On the contrary! Whenever we let go anything of a lower nature, we gain something higher in return. We cannot move up the ladder of evolution with heaviness and grossness living in our electromagnetic field. To advance into the finer dimensions of reality, we have to let go of all the coarser parts in our nature. We cannot take our low-vibratory hate, anger, worries and fears with us into the finer high-vibratory dimensions of reality.

This is the reason why the law of sacrifice is an essential aspect of the Spiritual path, and why the notion of sacrifice is a central teaching in every religion on Earth. The word „sacrifice“ comes from „sacer“ (Latin: „to make holy“) and „facere“ (Latin:„to do“). To become whole and holy, we have to sacrifice the lower, separative, unholy aspects in our thinking, feeling, speaking and acting life. We cannot raise our vibration without „sacrificing“ all that which vibrates to the lower keys.

Now, in order to properly understand the idea of sacrifice, here is an important insight: Manifested life is active motion. Spirit and matter are the two poles of polarity. By receiving life impulses, matter is organized into forms. And as the life continues to evolve and express its evolution, the forms into which matter is organized continue to evolve and change as well. In other words: We cannot grow within and stand still without.

Form (matter) is the ever-changing vehicle of the evolving life.

And this is why every step on the ladder of evolution is accomplished by sacrifice. The life escapes the lower form in order to take birth in a higher form. As the life escapes, the lower form perishes (is sacrificed) while a new, higher form is born. The life evolves and persists while the form perishes. The life is eternal, the form is temporary. We are sacrificing the temporary form to enable the evolution of eternal life.

As such, the law of sacrifice is in reality the law of life-evolution. We climb the ladder of evolution – which leads out of matter towards Spirit – by sacrificing the lower in service of the higher. When we sacrifice the lower for the higher, we channel energy „upwards“ or evolution-wards, and in this way the energy is set free on a higher plane. Whenever we channel a lower force towards a higher purpose, we transmute the lower force into a higher spiritual energy by force of our motive and motivation. Thus, we evolve.

So, for all of you who realize that the purpose of life is to evolve into a higher species of man, don‘t wait another day and start practicing the law of sacrifice today. Sacrifice your lower life. Be methodical. Every day deliberately sacrifice one thing of a lower nature: a base thought, a base desire, a base word, a base meal. Whatever it may be. But be sure to sacrifice it with the intention in mind to liberate energy. It is by our motivation and intention that we transmute lower force into higher spiritual energy.

Take the initiative to start each day with an act of sacrifice. Open each day by offering your life to Source, and this offering shall give you the power to offer each thought, each action, each word of the unfolding day as a sacrifice to the Divine Life. Remember, etymologically speaking, the word „sacrifice“ means „to make holy.“ When we practice the law of sacrifice, we transmute lower force into spiritual energy. We „make holy.“ Each day offers countless opportunities to practice the law of sacrifice. Seize them! To practice the law of sacrifice is to liberate energy. Therefore, practicing the law of sacrifice is one of the secrets to super rapid progress in life.

Be methodical. Start a „sacrifice section“ in your Spiritual Growth Book. Practice the law of sacrifice for the next 100 days. Start today.

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